Re: DSS Conducts Security Check On APC Delta Guber Aspirants, Ogboru, Ochei, Ofehe, Utomi, Ojuogboh


Abuja: The story by an online reporter that “conducts security check on on APC , Aspirants, , Ochei, Ofehe, Ojougbou–‘” is a disingenuous contraption of a shameless hack writer working for one of the Aspirants also allegedly profiled by operatives of the DSS. The sponsor of the story who is worried by his credibility and acceptability by the electorate sought to use this infantile gambit to launder his image before Deltans. Unfortunately the attendant blowback of this move as feelers from the masses are indicating , point to a costly misadventure.
Findings from multiple credible sources as a result of enquiries with the alluded security agency which affirms the suspicion of curious Deltans in their denial of such exercise which according to them was a practice that died in the blossoming of democracy since 1999 . According to information volunteered to my source, in the diarchy era in our March to democracy, it was common for underdogs afraid of winning potentials of top dogs they are engaged with in a political race, to resort to such underhand tactics to steal electoral victory once their strong opponents are disqualified. It should be appreciated that in a constitutional democracy like the one we are practising in Nigeria where the constitution spells out in black and white the requirements for the selection of a governorship candidate, strict adherence to the conditions laid out is all a candidate needs to comply with for him to emerge as a candidate of his party.No where in the constitution is there a requirement for the consideration of security reports on Aspirants. Deltans are accordingly advised to disregard the story trending online.
Buoyed by the assertive denial of the authenticity of the story, I caused some social media pundits to dig in and it was revealed that the story was orchestrated by Rt Hon Victor Ochei to shore up his electoral value with unsuspecting party members. While acknowledging the right of any politician to employ whatever tool he sees fit to further his career, i think in the right spirit of political sportsmanship for Aspirants to do so within best civilised global culture and practices. Let us not go into the extreme of employing untoward measures in the interest of our party,f or its is clear to all that Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru is by the grace of God the next governor of Delta State come 2019.

Together we hope to build a strong United party that will wrest power from governor Okowa in Delta state.

Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – APPLY NOW

Signed by;

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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