‘Drunk’ Tyson Fury seen kicking at a taxi after the driver refused to let him in (video)

'Drunk' Tyson Fury seen kicking at a taxi.

‘Drunk’ seen kicking at a after the driver refused to let him in (video)

Tyson Fury was caught on camera kicking a taxi driver who refused to let him in.

The incident happened in the lovely French city of Cannes, where the heavyweight champion, 33, was relaxing after his victory over Dillian Whyte last month.

A clearly inebriated Tyson is seen staggering when he and several guys stop a taxi in a video released online.

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Fury then tries to open the cab’s back door but discovers it is locked.

The taxi driver appears to explain to Fury’s buddies that he will not let him in through the driver’s side window.

The driver decides to pull away after a back and forth between the driver and the boxer’s friends.

This, however, enrages the heavyweight champion. As one of the group members tries to restrain him, he lashes out and kicks the white Renault’s bumper. Another member of Fury’s group tries to kick the cab as it begins to turn the corner.

On Twitter, the video has gone viral.

Check it out below.

That is the latest foreign news today on ‘Drunk’ Tyson Fury seen kicking at a taxi.




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