Dr. Ahmadu Ali sent his wife Mariam Ali, to spy APC


Editor’s Note: By Omajemite Don

Right from the moment the news broke  out that the wife of the former, Longer Serving PDP chairman Dr. Ahmadu denounced PDP, and embrace APC it has been a great excitement on the part of APC all over Nigeria, especially Delta State APC stewards.It seems there is a great crack down on the side of the PDP in Delta State. King makers are now denouncing PDP for APC. This issue will be the talk of another day. There is one  thing  I found very difficult to fathom about the main reason why a wife will abandon her husband’s political ideology for another.  

Does that mean all is not well for Ali family or what? From all indications, I can figure it out that Dr. Ahmadu Ali has made up his mind to join APC but decides to use his wife to test run it, to see what will be PDP’s reaction or it might be that Dr. Ahmadu Ali sent his wife to join APC, to SPY their activities and used it for the gain of the incumbent Governor of Delta State.One tree cannot make a forest, the strengths of a broom depend on its combination. All decampee activities must be monitored using ISP security.


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