Dr Agbi Says Ogboru Is A Liberator…encourages Deltans not to falter.

Dr. Goodness Agabi
Dr. Goodness Agabi

Engr Dr Chief Goodman Goodnews Agbi FNSE has lavishly described Great Ogboru as a liberator and a groundbreaking grassroot mobiliser. He said Great Ogboru is a dogged, but a natural fighter of any form of socio-political misrule.

Dr Agbi retrospectively recounts Ogboru’s political feats and how he was constantly raped of his elective mandate by the PDP government Asaba and Abuja in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 elections. He said that Chief Ogboru was by far the most popular, but was always rigged out by successive PDP seating governors and that this time, with Buhari and APC government firmly in place, nobody, no PDP government in Asaba or its ghost will be able to rig the 2019 election.

Dr Agbi, judging from Ogboru’s successive business background, depicts him as a tenacious politician, laced with dignity and integrity, who remains the only one with technical capacity and untainted to surmount PDP mud of corruption and the acclivitous uphills in the State over the years. He said Ogboru does not mortgage his integrity for the welfare of his people by the deceptive antics of distracters.

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While expressing hope and stern confidence in Ogboru’s dogged spirit, Dr Agbi said that the time for redemption has come. That, having shared the trenches with Chief Ogboru who is the symbol of opposition in Delta State, Dr Agbi unequivocally posits that Great Ovedje Ogboru is the next governor of Delta State, all efforts reinvigorated would take over the reigns of government in the State in 2019, draped in the All Progressive Congress (APC). He therefore encourages Deltans not to falter in this enthusiasm.

Dr Agbi hopes that the change, which enthroned Muhammadu Buhari as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015, and will still in 2019, would also be the same wind of change that will take Ogboru to Osadebe House.


Divramredje Lawrence Efeturi
Media Aide to Engr Dr Chief Goodman Goodnews Agbi FNSE



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