Dowen College Lagos: How 12-year-old student was allegedly murdered

Dowen College Lagos: Sylvester Oromoni Death Pictures

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Yesterday, more details about how , a 12-year-old student at Dowen College  Lagos, was allegedly murdered by cult groups emerged.

For refusing to join the fraternity, the deceased was allegedly assaulted by some cult groups, which he identified as students of the college before his death.

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Following the attack, he was admitted to a Lagos hospital on Friday and was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

Person Oromoni, a relative of the deceased, announced his death on the microblogging site Twitter on Wednesday.

He said the 12-year-old died on Tuesday after a series of tests and X-rays revealed he had suffered internal injuries as a result of the beating.

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However, Dowen College, which contacted the family, stated that his injuries occurred while playing football.
Person elaborated on the situation, saying, “We’re from Delta State, but he attends Dowen College in Lekki.”

My uncle was contacted because his son had been injured while playing football. When he arrived at the hospital, it was discovered that he had been bullied and beaten, resulting in internal injuries.

“It was confirmed after tests and X-rays that he had been severely beaten.” His entire body was swollen when he died yesterday morning (Tuesday).

“They had been pressuring him to join a cult group,” he said before he died. He stated that if he spoke, they would kill him.”

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The person said the late Sylvester mentioned a few names of the students who pressured him to join their cult group before he died in a screenshot shared on his blogging site.

“Anyone who can kill me now should kill me,” he said. My brother will not die in vain, Anslem Temile, Michael Kashamu, Benjamin Favour, and Dowen College, just know that before he died, he called your names.”

According to a media report, Ayomide Falona, a representative of Dowen College, has stated that investigations into the matter have begun while refuting the claims of assault.
Adekunle Ajisebutu, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), told The Guardian that he had not been briefed.


Nigerians on Twitter have condemned the act, calling on security agencies to investigate the situation and urging parents to keep an eye on their borders.
Parents whose children attend college, according to Twitter user @Shelleofficial, contribute significantly to their children’s misbehaviour because many refuse to allow their children to be corrected by teachers.

“May God grant him eternal rest.” I worked at Dowen College, and the main issue is that parents do not want their children to be reprimanded by a teacher, teachers do not want to lose their jobs, and schools do not want to lose money! School business, teacher jobs, and spoiled brats for parents!”

“Today, the distinction between a Christian boarding school and a regular school is blurred. The atrocities that occur are identical. People choose to board for their children because the country is hard and most women now work. Is it, however, the best option? “Things are happening faa,” says the narrator. @purity gifts



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