Have you ever seen a cockroach in your house before? Perhaps, like me, you actually went ahead to try and kill the cockroach, and many of us must have succeeded. What you didn’t know, however, was that doing that does not really help significantly to control cockroach populations, and you have simply been wasting your time.

If you would like to know how to effectively get rid of cockroaches without using insecticides, fumigators or wasting your time killing them, then be sure to read this article to the end.

Method: Cut of Their food supply.

Like all other creatures, cockroaches need food to survive.

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The difference between cockroaches and other organisms, however, is the fact that cockroaches can feed on almost anything, so you’ll have to make sure their food supply is entirely cut out if you want to see effective results.

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To achieve such results, look for food crumbs around your house and make sure they are swept, bagged and properly disposed.

If you do this, then your cockroach problem is sure to disappear within months of application

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