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In the field of science, Aristotle, on the basis of the weight of his authority and reputation

had an influence that was so powerful, that it actually retarded the growth of science for almost 2,000 years. It was his law of motion which said:

“Any object in motion will not continue in motion unless acted upon perpetually by an outside force.” (Aristotle)

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This law gained wide acceptance until Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726), two millennia after Aristotle’s time, developed his theory of universal gravitation and established the foundation of classical mechanics through his famous three laws of motion.

 Newton’s first law of motion said precisely the opposite of Aristotle’s, thus:

“Any object in motion will continue in motion perpetually unless acted upon by an external force.” (Sir Isaac Newton)

Please forgive me for taking you through this circus of scientific rhetorics. It is aimed at giving or serving as a backdrop for the issue this write-up seeks to address.

Now, the point here is not that Isaac Newton made a great addition to the development of Science via his invention of Newtonian Dynamics. The point is that raising the status of theorists and academics to that of gods in the midst of men, we become idolaters of them, freezing the growth of mankind and fossilizing our understanding of issues.

Now, let us juxtapose the story of Aristotle and Newton with the prevailing Political situation as it relates to people especially young people who do not have a mind of their own and are always quick to swallow (hook line and sinker) and then  jump into conclusion once they are fed with any information by their Political benefactors. When you take a subjective viewpoint and express an opinion from that viewpoint just because you have been told by a Political Master who you fear more than God himself, you are replicating the very reason Aristotle’s incorrect law of motion gained so much ground for 2,000 years. It is important that we understand that life has moved beyond that stage where you cannot ask a Political Leader questions, respectfully for fear of being described as disrespectful. It is not disrespectful to ask your Leader questions if you do not understand the situation of things. It is sad when young People push themselves into situations they don’t understand and in a bid to please their Political Leaders, they end up hurling insults and using derogatory terms on the perceived enemies of their Masters. It does not add to you, it does not add to your Master and it does not add or remove anything from his perceived enemies. Rather, it affects your mind and reduces you to a mental slave. Any human authority that cannot be questioned must not be embraced in any Political environment. If you cannot question your Leader, then your Leader does not love you and does not want you to grow.

Did you know that it was not the scientific intelligence  of Aristotle’s ridiculous law of motion that gave it wide recognition for two thousand years? It was his status, his reputation, his authority, his stature in the pantheon of mummified idols worshipped by the mediocre mafia of science and theology.

Do not allow anyone to abolish your common sense and rational thinking just because you are serving them as Media Aide, Follow-Follow, Sycophant or Adviser. If any leader does not give you audience and opportunity to ask them questions over certain matters that you do not have a clear understanding of, WALK OUT AND NEVER GO BACK THERE! If any Political Leader you are attached to is careless  about your despicable attitude towards his perceived Political enemies, such a Leader does not want you to grow responsibly. RUN FROM HIM! 

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