How Much Is Dollar To Naira today? dollars to naira today in black market

Black market exchange rate today – Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Aboki dollar to Naira today & CBN exchange rate  Today Tuesday, October 26th has been released. Check Today’s rate.

Please note that the exchange rate changes hourly… depends on the volume of Dollars available and the Demands.

What it means is that…you can buy or sell dollars for ₦570 and the price can change  ( High or low ) Within hours.

There is no fixed price in dollar To Naira Exchange Rate in Nigeria as of today.

How much is Naira to US dollar today  October 2021, the black market rate has been obtained.

Ejes Gist News has obtained the CBN official USD to the naira exchange rate in Nigeria today including the Black Market rates, Bureau De Change (BDC) rate, and CBN rates.

How much is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today?

The Naira To dollar official Rate Today  26th  October 2021  $1 dollar to naira = ₦414.04

The exchange rate between the Naira and the US dollar according to the data posted on the I & E Rate  and  FMDQ Security Exchange, where CBN Nigeria FOREX is officially traded and sold,  Ejes Gist News learned that the naira opened at ₦₦414.04 NGN per dollar on 26th October 2021, after it closed at ₦₦415.07 per $1 on 25th October 2021. This represents a change of ₦01.03k.

Trading at the official I & E Rate (USD) – NAFEX window yesterday

The exchange rate between the naira and the US dollar opened at ₦ 414.04/$1 on 25th October 2021 and closed at ₦₦415.07/$1 on Monday, 25th of October.


Convert US Dollar to Nigerian Naira Today Monday 26th October 2021. How much is 100 dollars in Naira? 

1 USD 414.04 NGN
5 USD 2,070.2 NGN
10 USD 4,140.4 NGN
25 USD 10,351 NGN
100 USD 41,404 NGN


Black market exchange rate of Dollar To Naira in Black Market Today? 26th October , 2021

The Nigeria black market dollar exchange rate today to the Nigerian ₦ is as follows:

Aboki exchange rate today in Lagos , the local currency being bought at ₦565.00 to a $1 and sold for ₦570, according to sources at Bureau De Change (BDC) called  the black market or Parallel Market, today, Tuesday October  26th, 2021, in Lagos Nigeria after it closed ₦572.00 per $1 on Monday, 25th October 2021. This represents a change of $2.00 from the previous day.

xchange Rate of Dollar to Naira yesterday

Ejes Gist News reports that the data published on AbokiFX ( Local Currency Exchange) , which is known as the “official black market rate “, showed that at the black market, the players buy a dollar at  ₦565 and sell for ₦572 on Monday, morning, October 25th, 2021.

Xchange Rate of Dollar to Naira Last Week

Ejes Gist News reports that the USD started this week at ₦565 in Parallel Market also known as Black Market on Monday, October 25, 2021. A change of $5 dollars compared to last week Monday when it opened at ₦560 per dollar.

Below is Nigeria bank Naira to Dollar Xchange rate. This is the among they exchange Dollars for Nigerian Nairas

First Bank current dollar to naira exchange rate.

First of Nigeria Plc Currency Exchange Rate is $1 = ₦420


Zenith bank USD to naira exchange rate today.

Zenith Bank Plc Currency Exchange Rate $1 = ₦429

Western Union dollar to naira exchange rate today.

Western Union  Currency Exchange Rate $1 = ₦423

Wema bank USD to naira exchange rate today.

Wema Bank Plc Currency Exchange Rate is $1 = ₦420

UBA bank USD to naira exchange rate today.

UBA Bank of Nigeria Currency Exchange Rate $1 = ₦424

ACCESS bank Current Dollar Exchange Rate In Naira

Access Bank PLC Currency Exchange Rate $1 = ₦422

eNaira Currency ,Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today

The Federal Government, led by Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele, has launched the eNaira wallet for easy transactions and to strengthen the Naira (₦).

You can know more about the eNaira wallet by clicking  eNaira wallet

If you will recall, the Governor of the central bank of Nigeria has blamed the current and constant fall of the Naira against the United States dollar, USD, on‘s daily Dollar To Naira On Black Market Today update. was helping to know what USD to Naira was today in the black market before Godwin Emefiele ordered that the founder of the Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate ( be arrested.

For those who are unaware, the Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange rate is not the official rate…But it is the amount you pay to get a dollar when the official window is not accessible or available to you.

The USD to Naira Black Market Calculator depends on the volume of dollars available in the black market.

Disclaimer:  The USD to Naira today black market is determined by supply and demand, while the CBN Nigeria Exchange Rate today is determined by the CBN Governor and monetary policies.

In Nigeria, there is no uniform exchange rate.

Also visit Ejes Gist News for daily Naira to to dollar exchange as we will keep you updated with the latest updates on the FX Market.


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