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My attention has been drawn to what is supposedly a reply to the facts I presented earlier today on the Ward and Local Government Congresses. Without much ado, the so-called reply is just altogether non-original in thought, plagiaristic in presentation, childish and puerile in organisation and entirely illogical. And I wonder, must they always mirror our approach and thought process, without the decency of acknowledging that they are bereft of originality of even ordinary replies? I had assumed they would build the right capacity required to do far better. So wrong!

Just one point is sufficient to sink their entire diversionary reply: THE POLICE INTERIM INVESTIGATION REPORT – which is an independent and objective document signed by the himself. It is not an Ogboru, Omo-Agege or Emerhor report.

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1. By the said report, it was the Chairman, Alhaji Sanni Dododo, who reported/invited the Police to investigate the theft of the Congress materials. It was such a major attack on his decent values that Dododo had to personally ask for the intervention of the Office of the Commissioner of Police and he got it. The Secretary was quiet, very quiet, – for a criminal transactional reason as it turned out. *Hard fact and good logic.*

2. It was the same Alhaji Dododo who invalidated the stolen result sheets and made it impossible for those who stole them to return them as they obviously intended. *Hard fact.*

3. Significantly, the result sheets were kept in the custody of the Secretary. He didn’t inform anyone that the result booklets were missing or stolen. It was Alhaji Dododo who discovered the theft when he insisted on seeing and counting all the result sheets before any distribution. *Hard fact*.

4. Also, the Secretary and a Member of the Congress Committee are the only members of the Committee indicted in the Police report for attempting to “COMPROMISE” the Ward Congress. They are the only persons now wanted by the Police in connection with the crime. *Hard fact.*

5. Furthermore, it was NOT Alhaji Dododo who was caught on CCTV removing the missing result sheets from Orchids Hotel, Asaba at night. It was the Secretary. *Hard fact.*

6. Again, it was NOT Alhaji Dododo who absconded to Port Harcourt with sensitive Congress materials. Using modern geo-location or tracking equipment, the Police traced the Secretary and his cohort to Port Harcourt while Dododo was busy in Asaba with his assignment. *Hard fact.*

Clearly, the police report confirms the total cleanliness of Alhaji Dododo. The report points to desperate corruption by people who have no history of winning election even in their Wards. These same crooked political traders and jobbers want intelligent people to believe their wicked, hollow and desperately foolish plot to hang the good, decent and incorruptible Alhaji Sanni Dododo. They want us to join them to canonize and sing the praise of those who have been rightly indicted for theft and criminal conspiracy. And these are the same characters insisting they must lead APC in Delta State. God forbid.

One is extremely reluctant not to declare that, *”All options are now on the table.”* May things not fall totally apart for the falcon not to hear even the falconer. Let somebody be well advised.



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