By Anthony Erefeluw

It would be recalled that sometime last year, the All Progressives Congress (APC) sent a very strong and worrisome signal to the Ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in what was tagged “Delta APC Mega Rally” held at Evwreni, at the resort-like country home of one of their foremost leaders, Olorogun O’tega Emeehor.

According to reports, the Unity Rally was as a result of a truce reached by the leadership of two of the three major pressure groups in Delta APC, the Consolidated Dynamic APC (CDA) and the Mainstream Delta APC (MDA)

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Apc caucus

The CDA, a child of the late Sen. Okpozo’s faction of the Delta APC led by Chief Engr. Hyacinth Enuha and MDA a child of the Chief O’tega’s faction, were believed to be arch rivals that one would hardly believe would ever have anything to do with each other after the death of their state leader, who was believed to have died as a result of the pressure and troubles from the rival faction.

According to the leader of the group, Chief Engr. Hyacinth Enuha, the CDA is not a part of, and it’s not in any form of union or relationship with the Olorogun Otega Emerhor led MDA. The Chairman of the Elders/Leaders Committee, also made a clear statement that, any group who wants to partner with the CDA must come direct and not indirectly trying to lure them. He described the CDA as the bride of the party ready to be wooed by anybody or group, but that the records must be put straight, “CDA is not in any form of alliance with the MDA, we are independent and ready for the upcoming congress” he said.

The CDA leader boasted of their financial powers to withstand any group who claims to be moneybags, he assures the followers that they are prepared to match the MDA money for money, that even if the party asks the various pressure groups to raise 100M naira each to support the party, they are ready to drop it right away.

The Chairman of the CDA , Mr. Peter Akarugbe, also reiterated the group’s position on the issue of their marriage with the MDA. He told the audience that, CDA has no dealings with MDA, that any deal they reached with any individual on behalf of CDA is null and void, since such deals were not reached with the consent of the leaders of CDA. “No one individual has the right or powers to negotiate on our behalf and go into any form of alliance with MDA or any other group, whoever does that is own his own period” said Mr. Akarugbe.

According to a notable leader of the group who pleaded anonymity, he said the meeting was called as a matter of urgency and expedience, to correct some anomalies going on in the system. “We had a meeting last week at Dr. Alex Ideh’s residence in Benin, where we agreed that this meeting be called, to correct the wrong impression created by that nasty mega rally held at Evwreni. We were not even informed about the arrangements, Engr. Enuha went into that unholy relationship without letting us the leaders know. We were very angry, that was why some of the leaders didn’t show up at Evwreni on that day”

According to reports, the Okpozo caucus later met to review the situation and discovered that Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, promised Engr. Enuha a contract worth one billion naira from NDDC, for him and some of his caucus members to share, that was why Engr. Enuha Agreed to merge forces with Chief Emerhor. “though we were initially mad at Engr. Enuha, but later allowed peace to rain in the interested of the party”

From a reliable source, we gathered that the one billion naira NDDC contract promised Engr. Enuha and his crew till date has not been redeemed and that it was just a bate by Olorogun O’tega Emerhor to galvanise support from the Okpozo’s faction, to show that he was in charge of Delta state and that Delta APC was united, to aide him in his ministerial bid at that time, with the hope that President Buhari would dissolve his cabinet and appoint him as a minister. Now that his ministerial ambition is looking more like a mirage, he has reverted to his old self. He refused to release those contracts and even boasted that MDA would clear all the congress seats and even warned that, anybody who does not join the MDA can not hold any position in the party.

This development according to our source, has caused so much disaffection within the Okpozo caucus, as most of them laid the blame on Chief Enuha, that he was the one who traded the group for a pot of porridge. “Since Chief O’tega has decided to ride on our intelligence by not releasing the NDDC contract he promised us, we would tell him we are no children, we are ready to battle him in the congress, we would never negotiate with him again, he can go to hell with his fake contracts, for all I care. And if Engr. Enuha tries to go behind us to negotiate with him again, we would drop him as our chairman, we have made this clear to him in our caucus meeting last week in Benin” our source revealed.

In another development, the MDA equally had an expanded caucus meeting at Evwreni the home of their leader, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor. According to our Ughelli correspondent, Chief Emerhor told his people that he is negotiating with CDA through their leader Chief Enuha, he assured them of the cooperation and willingness of the CDA to partner with them to fight the Light of APC, the third group led by the People’s General and the only APC Senator from Delta. Unknowing to him, the CDA leaders had already warned Chief Enuha to discontinue any further negotiation with him and the MDA due to his insincerity and greed, always wanting to grab it all.

We hope these two groups would find a way to resolve their differences and allow peace to thrive in Delta APC, rather than this two strange bed fellow attitude they are displaying at the expensive of the party’s unity and strength. On the other hand the Light of APC believed to be the strongest group within the Delta APC, seems to be very calm and focussed.

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