PROPHET JONES Erus and Great Ovedje Ogboru

Our attention has been drawn to some vexatious reports and outright lies of libelous nature on social media and other online sources to blackmail the highly respected Chief , the Most Distinguished Senator and Prophet Jones Erue (Delta State APC Chairman) on the issue of direct or indirect primaries in the Delta State All Progressives Congress (APC). May we comment as follows:

1.0. For the avoidance of doubt, we hereby humbly advise the public to disregard any report by an axis of blackmail within the Delta State APC that Chief , Senator Omo-Agege and Prophet Jones Ode Eru (Delta State APC Chairman) are against our dear National Chairman, His Excellency Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and his trusted National Executive on the issue of our party’s primaries. On the contrary, all persons of decent behavior know that the trio of Chief Ogboru, Senator Omo-Agege and Prophet Jones are very responsible leaders who would never go against any constitutional or lawful decision duly taken by our party or any organized body to which they belong.

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2.0. We affirm the truth that Ogboru, Omo-Agege and Erue are loyal and committed to the current right leadership of our great party under the Comrade National Chairman and bound by its decision. Any contrary position is false. It is to say the least sickening that these blackmailers who suddenly want to be more Catholic than the Pope are trying to create the false impression that they are committed to our National Chairman whilst at the same abusing him daily in their disruptive so-called MDA gatherings and also filing and maintaining a plethora of mischievous court cases to oppose his lawful and wise decisions to make the party win in Delta.

3.0. We note that as far back as 2016, these same blackmailers laboured everywhere but failed woefully to convince anyone that Chief Ogboru (who is largely believed to be the most popular political figure in Delta State) is afraid of party primaries and would therefore not remain in the APC for long. Today, Ogboru is a leading light of the APC in Delta while his traducers are laboring daily to undermine unity in the party to serve their ulterior motive to stop APC from winning any election in Delta, just as they did with joy in 2015.

4.0. We note further that having failed to sell that fake narrative that Ogboru would not last long in the APC, the desperadoes have now opened a new chapter in their blackmailing textbook in their evil attempt to pitch Chief Ogboru, Senator Omo-Agege and Prophet Jones against the highly respected national leadership of our great Party on the issue of direct or indirect primaries. This evil conspiracy and blackmail will not work.

5.0. The reality is that unlike their traducers and blackmailers, Ogboru, Omo-Agege and Erue (Prophet Jones) are not unstable, fraudulent in character, disruptive by desire or paper-weight political actors. Whereas majority of APC leaders and members know that the blackmailers have no electoral value and cannot therefore win any type of primary election called by the party, it is on record that Chief Ogboru is one of the very few leaders with the ‘Buhari Effect’ charisma and mystic that is necessary for massive grassroots mobilization in Delta State.

6.0. While the blackmailer rage for no just cause, Ogboru and Omo-Agege, have adopted ‘strategic calmness’ on the issue primaries. As respecters of the principle of ‘Party is supreme,’ they know that it is not their duty as aspirants to choose the mode of primaries for their party and will not be dragged by mischief-makers into any matter that is an exclusive preserve of the leadership of our party. They know their electoral strengths and would rather test them at the appropriate time, howsoever
circumstances may demand.

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7.0. Finally, we wish to strongly advise and warn those who have made blackmail a tool of unprovoked war against Chief Ogboru, Senator Omo-Agege and the Delta State APC led by Prophet Jones to be wise at least for once. May we once again humbly remind them that they are rapidly destroying whatever that is left of their near-zero political capital. It is criminal and irresponsible for otherwise respected adults and leaders to take upon themselves the unenviable and impossible task of pulling down good men. We pray they repent urgently from their unnecessary, aggressive, and foolish blackmail and evil.


Hon. Billy Egbe
For: Media & Strategy Department,
Office of The Most Distinguished Senator




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