PDP CRISIS: Meeting with Wike

After paying a visit to his counterpart in Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri was optimistic upon his return to Yola, the state’s capital, on Saturday.

He was in Rivers State because of the (PDP) crisis, which is primarily involving Wike and the .

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When Fintiri arrived at the Yola International Airport just before noon on Saturday, he spoke with neesmen and said that efforts to bring Wike and Atiku together were going well.

Atiku’s home governor and Wike’s friend Fintiri, who claimed to be the chairman of the Atiku-Wike reconciliation committee, reaffirmed that the process of sincere reconciliation had begun and was progressing well.

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We are committed, and the reconciliation is moving forward, he declared. I assure you that we will move past it because I am the chairman of the Atiku and Wike reconciliation committee.

The reconciliation process is still in progress and is going very well. We’ll talk some more. Politics is a discussion- based field.

Understanding is key. We will soon be completing all the necessary paperwork to declare the reconciliation complete and the PDP operational and prepared for success.

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Fintiri claims that the PDP is going all out to win the 2023 presidential election because it owes it to Nigerians.

“We are aware of expectations, and we are aware that Nigeria will not pardon us if we fail,” he said. Nigerians are perplexed. Everything has been broken. Nigerians are unsure of their location. We awaken each morning (trusting only in God).

“As a party, we are investing everything in this reconciliation to make sure that Atiku and Wike’s camps are back together as a single, united family for the success of the PDP,” the party stated.

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