Democracy Day: Putting An End To The Travails of Delta People… O’Diakpo Obire PhD

O'Diakpo Obire PhD

O’Diakpo Obire PhD, a front line governorship aspirant 2019, while wishing Deltans a happy Democracy day, he said every democracy succeeds because of the inbuilt robust and dynamic interplay of different political actors from different political parties or ideologies. This is one of the hallmarks of democracies in the Western world. No single party remains in power in perpetuity. Any party that fails to deliver on its mandate is voted out of power. This is why such democracies make political parties draw up manifestoes which they work to implement to endear themselves to the people.


Sadly, this is not the case in Delta State. Political dynasties have been created. They take advantage of the poverty of the people to perpetuate themselves in power. Since the return of democracy in 1999, one party has held the reins of power in the state. This has given rise to nepotism, kleptocracy and inefficient and ineffectual governance.

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The reign of PDP in Delta State must come to an end, because it has never served the interest of the common man. It is now a circus where individuals in the corridors of power have been recycling themselves with no fresh ideas to run the state for the benefit of the people.

Today, the State is neck deep in debts. Delta State is one of the richest States in Nigeria, yet the citizens remain poor and jobless.

The state has nothing to show for the past two administration despite huge allocations from oil. This cannot continue. While many states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Kaduna, Edo, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, Cross River, Rivers are inching towards infrastructure and economic sustainability, Delta State is weighed down with humongous debts.

Fellow Deltans, crude oil is a finite resource and its days are numbered. Sooner than later, oil will run out. Without voting in visionary leadership at this time to create a State that is self-sustaining and independent of oil just as Lagos, worse poverty will stare us in the face. This is the time for every Deltan to demand a better political representation at all levels.

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It is time we tried another party and another set of leaders. We cannot continue with one party forever. Enough is enough. If we have different parties winning and losing, the competition to win power will engender good governance because political parties will want to deliver on their mandate, lest they will be kicked out.

Okowa’s so-called Smart Agenda is NOT working. There is even NOTHING smart about the agenda. It is a scam. Pouring asphalt over a few roads that are washed away in one season, is not a smart agenda.

This is not time to choose leaders based on ethnic and other sentiments. This is the time to choose leaders based on capacity, character and competence. We cannot continue to be one of the richest state in Nigeria on paper and have no signature infrastructure project or sustainable economic growth to show for it.

If we must sustainably develop, then the hegemony of the Ibori political dynasty must end. Let another party enter the stage with another ideology and actors. Today, Edo State is sustainably developing because of fresh leaders and ideas different from the prebendal ideology of PDP. Edo State was almost ran aground by PDP until Oshimhole entered the stage. Like Edo people, we must take our destiny in our hands.

It took Oshiomhole to change the trajectory of development in Edo. Fortunately Delta State has a Dr. Obire who has the capacity, character and competence to turn the State around.

He is a tested business man, an achiever and a pragmatic leader who understands the dynamics of what it takes to lead Delta from the shackles of political and economic decadence.

The good people of Edo State marched en masse to the polls to effect a change of leadership and Party that has positively turned things around for them. Let it be our turn in Delta to turn around the negative narrative of the State. Let the apathy stop. When the time comes, let us vote a man who can change things for the better for us to bequeath a better life to our children and generations unborn.

As we celebrate Democracy Day, let us reflect on the dismal state of the affairs of our dear Delta and make a solemn pledge to end the reign of impunity in 2019.

Together, we can make Delta State one of the most economically viable States in Nigeria where government truly works for the betterment and empowerment of the people.

Happy Democracy Day!

Support Dr. Obire for Governor, Delta State, 2019

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