Delta’s Need of Urgent Change Informed my Decision to Join APC, I Will Always Work for that Change — Ogboru

Olorogun Great Ogboru
Olorogun Great Ogboru

…Says PDP understand the message that its days are numbered, hence, the needless propagandists sent after him.

A foremost opposition leader and the leading contender of the governorship ticket of All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the 2019 general elections in Delta State, Chief Great has debunked insinuations and rumours circulating on social media that he is considering collapsing APC in Delta State by defecting from the political party. He described the rumour as mischievous and fallacious, noting that the propagators of the frivolous propaganda are enemies of progress, who are desperately fighting dirty to sustain their destructive grips on Delta State.

Chief Ogboru, who has earned the respect and honour of the people of Delta State for his continuous strict posture against corruption, political rascality, illegality, criminality, thuggery, hooliganism and under development within Delta State, said through the media director of Light of APC, Hon. Elvis Ayomanor that his political opponents mostly in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP are aware of his popularity and acceptability among the electorates because they have felt the impact overtimes, stating that PDP know that rigging, which it has relied on to scale through elections before now, will not save the party comes 2019 and has therefore, settled for unnecessary blackmail and unsubstantiated propaganda against him to score cheap political points.

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“All Delta State needs now is progressive change, owing to the fact that PDP has ran the State into a serious pitiable and deplorable condition for the past eighteen (18) years. Despite its richness, Delta State is ranking very poor in almost all facets ranging from clean environment to good healthcare; from education to technology advancement; from infrastructural development to human empowerment, etc.

“In our State, good governance, transparency and accountability have been far from the corridor of power for the past eighteen (18) years. Though Delta State receives the highest allocation coupled with huge sum of internally generated revenue, the debt profile of the State keeps skyrocketing, yet workers salaries are left unpaid.

“I joined other like minds in APC to ensure there is a permanent stop to these irregularities. As such, my commitments toward the sack of PDP from government house, Asaba comes 2019 through APC is firm and never in doubt and God willing, the PDP will be out of Unity House for good. Those spreading unfounded lies are simply afraid of the current force in Delta State APC, thereby indulging in politics of acrimony to cause disaffection within the party and dash the hope of the people for a meaningful change”, Elvis said.

Speaking further, Hon. Elvis Ayomanor admonishes the intimidating crowd of Ogboru supporters, all well meaning Deltans as well as members of APC to remain resolute and committed to the struggle towards a better Delta State that will be a leading light among the community of States in Nigeria, insisting that the best way to attain such height is to give the PDP a note to quit and enthrone a more people oriented and progressive government comes 2019.

Ogboru political followership cut across Delta State and many upcoming politicians have won elections by riding on his political popularity. Great Ogboru is the only politician in Delta State that has successfully challenged the political formation of Chief James Onanefe Ibori, former Delta State governor and UK ex-convict. No wonder the PDP has singled him out for unwarranted image laundering through the use of State media apparatus and faceless entity.

MC Paul,
Secretary, Media and Publicity Committee,
Light of APC, Delta State.

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