Deltans Mourn As Iconic Broadcaster, Mudi Asagba bid farewell

Deltans Mourn As Iconic Broadcaster, Mudi Asagba bid farewell

Deltans , family, co-workers and friends, mourn Delta Broadcaster with Quest FM, Mudi Asagba who passed on 9th November 2019.

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Confirming the exit of the iconic broadcaster, an presenter, Ifeonthemic Robert took to social media to mourn his death describing him as a radio legend without worries.

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Recounting how Mudi Asagba had helped him secure a job and supported him to grow, Ifeonthemic shared a video of the deceased he made during a studio session thus.

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So my evening was thrown in disarray when I heard about your passing away. I never believed I could utter the words, “It’s impossible. He can’t be dead!”

I’ve never written about anyone on this platform in this manner. Can’t remember any, anyways.

How can I ever forget my first encounter with you? I had heard about a new radio station setting up in Ughelli and I wanted to try my chances of getting a job with them. I came there and I’m still grateful to God till today I was directed to speak with you. After about five minutes of speaking with you, you said I was the kind of person that the station needed. I started working and you were one of the few persons who made the place feel like home to me. I wasn’t yet an OAP then, but you were treating me like one and kept encouraging me to get ready for the big stage. Your words of positivity, encouragement and assurance were all I needed to know that I could thrive in the media.

Chaii… You can correct for Africa sha o!

Mudiaga Henry Asagba, no one can easily forget how positive a man you were. If anyone had lost hope in life, all they needed to do was to have a conversation with you. There is nothing I can write about you tonight that would perfectly describe your impact on me individually, or even in the media in Delta State, but one thing I know is that when you talk about radio in Delta State, there is no way we can write about it without a mention of the name – Mudiaga Asagba!

Rest in peace Radio Legend.

On her part, Divine Ighovie wrote;

The picture below I remember when it was taken in 2016 by Robert Ifeonthemic Ifeoluwa we where trying to brand you from the old school kind of journalism, you hated Facebook. yes I also can’t foegt that I had to force you to rub powder. Lol.

I remember how you would write down all the words I pronounced wrongly. Uncle Mudi I still struggle to pronunce “extraordinary”. I did my best but it never stuck.

You taught me the best interviewing skills, you made me learn by force how to pass a bad news in a subtle way.

I apologize for not celebrating you more, you where a veteran, Delta State media has lost a big voice. Your passion for the media and your state knew no bound.

As I write i can’t stop the tears from flowing, you promised me that when I come to Abuja in January 2020 we would paint the town red.

Uncle Mudi we spoke last week and you where fine. You call me past 12 sometime Last month I warned you about worrying too much, I told you it will all be fine.

We had plans. We had plans why why why. I’m broken. We had plans.

I was a complete novice when I started radio, I can’t mention my journey without you.

You taught me unity on the job, every monrnig for as long I could remember you bought akara and bread and soft drink to the office. We must eat before we go on air that was your mantra.

Uncle Mudi who will I call and rant to? I spoke to your wife she is broken, how I do handle this?

This isn’t how I wanted to end this year. You have been waiting for me to resign because we had plans. I’m broken, no one can understand how I feel. Our last conversation was for 2hours, I begged you to sleep cause I had a flight to catch and a busy day the next day.



Rest in peace.


May his soul Rest In Peace.



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