Delta State Blank Budget: Setting straight the records on Cairo Ojugboh and Okowa


For weeks, the most debated and talk about issue in Delta State is the blank budget and well as call for impeachment of Gov. Ifeanyi Arthur . It’s unarguable that Okowa has never had it hot since he became a governor. He has never faced media backlash and neglect like he has since last month till now.

All these sleepless nights and headache has been caused by just one man, who certainly knows how to hit at the right target with facts,  Dr Ojugboh. He did not only revealed the blank budget that has caused this scandal but also presented the proceedings and videos of the Assembly showing that no budget was actually passed.

APC has finally become a true opposition in the state and giving to Okowa and the PDP what they did to Goodluck Jonathan. They have found a Daniel come to judgment in Cairo Ojugboh.

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I was in my hotel room here in Abuja when I was called to tune in to Channels TV to watch Cairo being interviewed by the sunrise daily crew. As usual, it was brimstone with figure aptly quoted, but most especially telling the world again on the blank budget.

I learnt the State Government hurriedly brought out one budget is the approved budget.

I have the same budget already with me, which is undoubtedly an aggrieved and quickly cooked up budget. No sane Assembly will pass such as a law. Cairo is certainly not one to talk without knowing what he says. He has been in the House of Representatives and passed a National Budget. He knows the nitty-gritty of it.

Let’s stop the deceit, and agree that we have no budget. If it is, the state should PLEASE in God’s name that they serve or in the name of their gods they worship upload the budget on the State website. The state should not foolishly bring out this thrash they are brandishing to Deltans as the budget. An unsigned budget that has no legislative authority? Is that what a whole state where we produce men of honor call budget?

Cairo has challenged the state to honorably obliged the people the budget on the website and they should take up the challenge or forever keep quiet, bowing their heads in shame, that fill in the gap budget – a criminal blank budget. for the first time in the history of Delta, a state was governed with two sheets of paper and fill in the gap spaces budget.

For the records, the budget displayed on TV by the Delta State Government is just a hurried prepared sheets of papers typed just this week for the purpose of today’s interview. I can authoritatively tell the world that a copy of what was seen on the TV is only available to Okowa, Kingsley Emu and no one else. Even the Speaker of the House of Assembly does not have it. It’s same blank budget with me that he has.

I am ready to photocopy 100,000 of the budget which was cooked up and sent to me, just to make me lie to Deltans that we actually have a budget when we don’t and give to Deltans on the streets so you can spot out the numerous fraud and looting avenue in it. I will outline out the fraud in it page by page and see if Deltans will not stone the executive on the street. I will outline it one after the other and see if PDP will survive the anger of Deltans is 2019 except the governor springs a surprise performance which is very possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just be scammed with that Channels TV but we are not deceived.

Over to you Okowa’s sycophants and hallelujah praise singers to hurl your stones but I will join the rescue team to save Okowa from this political pit he has dug for himself. All these just for the love I have for him

© Fejiro Oliver (God’s Pen of Morality)



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