Delta Governor Cries Out, Ask Buhari To Do The Right Thing

IYC has threatened to shut down the entire Niger Delta region if President Muhammadu Buhari fails to reconstitute the board within the 30-day ultimatum. 

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The Delta State Governor, has Cried out to President Muhammadu to do the right thing by reconstituting the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC to avoid crisis in the region.

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The governor made this known days after Ijaw Youth Council worldwide, IYC issued a 30-day ultimatum to the President Muhammadu led Administration to inaugurate the NDDC board.

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The IYC has threatened to shut down the entire Niger Delta region if President Muhammadu Buhari fails to reconstitute the board within the 30-day ultimatum.

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According to the governor, “what is going on right now is not good for our region, and it isn’t good for oil-producing countries.

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“In the first instance, you have an unlawful sole administrator. When we have a full board, we will have representation from each state, and people will be able to speak up for their states and ensure that amenities and facilities are distributed fairly and equally.

“That we cannot be certain of right now because you are operating as a sole administrator, which is unfamiliar territory for us. I also believe that the sooner the board is established, the more we will be able to plan effectively.

“We can’t hide behind the fact that we’re conducting a forensic investigation. That does not prevent us from establishing a board, because the board is focused on the future, whereas your forensic examination is focused on the past.

“Allow a new board to come in to start working and when the report of the forensic audit will come, the board can either look at it and know what steps to take or the Federal Government can take certain actions that need to be taken.

“We are currently being fooled; we are not happy about it and when our people do agitate, we believe that they are doing so in the right direction.

“I think the time has come for the presidency to listen to the South-South governors and all of us from the oil-producing states to please quickly inaugurate the board because we are suffering from it.

“We believe that as of today, the funds of that agency is not being managed equitably and it is not being managed in such a way that we can truly say that is accountable.

“The EFCC can take over the issue of the forensic audit because we know it is not for the board to handle. The board can only handle those projects but any fraudulent act of the past can be taken over by the EFCC and justice can be done to that.

“We cry to Mr President today, we add our voice to those of persons from the oil-producing region to say that we urgently need a board for the NDDC. It is for the best interest of the oil-producing states and the nation.”



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