Chief Adolor Okotie-Eboh, put up a very tough fight at the high court Asaba, against the then Prophet Jones/Cyril Ogodo led Delta State APC Executives. He got judgement, but the case lingered on to Appeal Court.

The Senator Okpozo Caucus, joined the Adolor initiated struggle to oust them from office, they fought very gallantly even set up an interim caretaker committee, to replace the Jones/Ogodo led Congress Executives, but the National Leadership of the party, under Chief John Odigie Oyegun would not recognised them, Oyegun even threatened to sanction members of the Sen. Okpozo’s Caucus.

Meanwhile, while all these and other court cases went on and on, the Jones led Exco remained in office, controlled the party structures and ran the party programmes throughout the period.

One may want to say they didn’t really enjoy their tenure in peace, but then, they still held sway. The people fighting them were the ones who suffered deprivations within the party, the Jones led Exco didn’t really feel the heat much. The only disadvantage they suffered was that, the party was never together as one, thus was not well prepared for elections, but that didn’t stop the fact that they were in charge and had full control of the party structure.

Funny enough, after the appeal court gave its verdict, the warring faction led by Senator Okpozo alongside Chief Adolor Okotie-Eboh, became frustrated and gave up the fight, they could no longest continue with the fight, even though they had the option of going further to the Supreme Court.

In essence, I’m saying it’s of no need for Chief Otega Emerhor and his cronies to continue dragging this issue, going further to the appeal court should not even be an option, because it will only amount to fruitless efforts

My candid advice for Chief Otega Emerhor, is for him to let go and work with the Jones/Elvis led Exco to avoid attracting unforseen or avoidable sanctions from the party. As a leader, he must be seen as working in the interest of the party, not this unnecessary displaying ego.

I see another frustrating efforts, just like what happened in the past administration. If truly Chief Otega cares about the party’s progress, he should stop any further move to drag the party backward, because it would then be clear to all that the rumour about PDP sponsoring him is true, because it is clear that any appeal filed, is already dead on arrival. Only a man whose plan is to distabilise the party in favour of PDP will want to do such a thing, or ever imagine winning an appeal against a consented judgement.

Finally, I want to advise the Jones/Elvis led Excos to see their victory as an opportunity to serve the people of APC and Deltans in general. They must ensure APC takes over Delta state, its not a time for merriment or pleasure business like it was during the last administration.
Now they must know we are all APC members, so there’s no victor and no vanquished in the struggle, they must carry everybody along, if peradventure Cyril Ogodo willingly comes to work with them in the interest of the party, he should be received in, nobody should be rejected, but anybody who’s not willing to work with them, or anybody who’s not ready to genuinely join forces with them should be ousted from the system, so the party can move forward.

Chukwuma Ikechukwu writes from Ibusa.


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