Delta Community in flame over Captain Prebor’s Death


Information reaching Ejesgist Media is that , Captain Solomon Prebor of Ogulagha community in LGA is death. his death has triggered many opera in the community and burning of properties now the order of the day.

Reaacting to the event, Comrade Ozobo Austin said, “His death is a tragedy but we must also understand that mortals have no solution to restore back the death as we do not have the order to question the creator what has transpaired.

I hereby call on all our aggrieve brothers to stop burning and destroying ourselves in Ogulagha community as such is not the best solution to handle situation of this nature.

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It is sad that our Mandela has left us into the cool hands of death but we must equally know that burning of our houses will not bring back our beautiful bride. Some times certain things happen in coincident, some times it may be a natural cause. In most cases the people we are suspecting could be innocent and the evil men could be people we call our friends. So we need to control our emotions.

The dead of our brother is painful but we must take heart and solace in God. If we are not careful we may end up burning innocent people’s houses. We may end up distroying and victimizing innocent friends. It is my appeal that let’s stop further destructions of ourselves and continue to build on the existing peace.

I know the death of Prebor is a tragedy that is befalling every Ogulagha person. One thing we should know is that burning and destruction of ourselves will not return our beloved brother to life. We must remember that this is the way of this world. All of us would leave this world some day.

We know what our late brother mean to us, we can not forget him. His legacy will outwith him. I agree that the manner he died is provocative but we must take heart ,despite the provocation ,and stop further burning of houses in our community” 

Meanwhile at the time of filling this report the root cause of his deaths is yet Unknown.



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