Report reaching whistle blowers indicates that that the job creation office is the biggest scam in this present administration.

An anonymous caller who spoke to our corespondent said “the Job Creation Officer in Delta State is the biggest scam and fraud in Okowa’s Government, quote me anywhere”.

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The man heading the agency called Professor Eric Eboh should be subjected to one month investigations by the EFCC. He has used the office to enrich him and he’s now stupendously rich, enough to be a major sponsor of PDP election in 2019.

With over N3 billion that has entered the so called criminal office, less than 20 persons have been able to find their feet, despite the bogus claims by him that the YAGEP and STEP programmes are yielding results. It has yielded nothing radarada.

The EFCC will open an office inside the Job Creation Office and make Eboh explain for every dime that has been spent on the project, that has not been of benefit to Deltans, courtesy of his mismanagement, alongside the Ministry of Economic Planning.

All the Starter Packs were contracted to fronts with inflated rate of 35% which went into their pockets. All the vouchers raised are fraud, all invoices are scam. The job creation office is a citadel of corruption and Okowa should sack this man, to avoid making his government an avenue for people to pilfer the state treasury.

This table I’m shaking is already with fragile legs and will be broken in due course with fatal injuries on all the active players of this monumental fraud.

STEP and YAGEP that was a noble project is being used to defraud the government and people of Delta State and we all can’t pretend not to be aware.

Show me just one person that Eric Eboh’s job creation scam has truly taken off the street.

source : Whistle blowers


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