Delta APC Crisis : Group Calls on SEC To Suspend Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege.

Ovie Omo-Agege Gives Aides 24hours to respond over a deceitful post on Facebook

The Delta APC Youth Mandate has wade into the lingering crisis rocking the party in the state, to put a final end to it.

The group has come up with a stern warning to the Deputy President of the Senate, Sen. , for masterminding the crisis in the state chapter of the APC.

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According to the spokesman of the group, “investigations have shown clearly that the DSP is on a mission to destroy the party, to achieve his secret agenda geared towards his Gubernatorial ambition for 2023”

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The group through its spokesman, Comr. Amadi Nwunkwe, described Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as a PDP member in APC clothing.

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According to the group, investigations show that Senator Omo-Agege, betrayed the party in the 2019 elections, when he reached an accord with Senator Arthur Okowa, the governor of Delta State to support him for his reelection as Senator, while he in turn supports the Governor’s reelection as governor.

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Reports revealed that, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege wants to run for governor in 2023, thus, he realised if Chief Great Ogboru becomes the governor in 2019, he definitely would run for a second tenure in 2023, therefore he planned with Senator Arthur Okowa to support him, while he worked as a spy to reveal all APC strategies to the governor and ordered his key men to work for Okowa, which was very obvious on the day of the governorship elections, while Okowa on his own part instructed all his Aides and Assembly men within Delta Central to ensure Sen. Omo-Agege defeats Hon. Barr. Evelyn Oboro.

The Chairman of the group Mr. Francis Odemero Atanagha, described Sen. Omo-Agege as the greatest mistake of Delta APC. According to him, it would have been better if Agege was never allowed into the party in the first place.

He further described Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as an embarrassment to the NASS and Nigeria in general

“Imagine a Senator of the federal republic, and even the Deputy President of the Senate at that, aiding and abetting criminality in the party”

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Our party ousted the PDP and promised Nigerians a change from the usual corrupt practices of the PDP, our President, Muhammadu Buhari is working so hard to eradicate the monster called corruption, from our system, but here is a prominent member of the , supporting and protecting the state chairman who embezzled party funds amounting to hundreds of millions. Perhaps the suspended Delta APC Chairman, shared the proceeds of his crime with Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, that is why he is hell bent on going down with him.

The recently proposed Delta APC Caucus meeting called by the suspended chairman at the instance of Sen. Omo-Agege against the wish of the entire state caucus members, was a clear evidence that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is on a deadly mission to tear the party apart, to ensure his ambition for 2023 is achieved.

Intelligence reports have it that, his secret deal with Okowa is for him to destroy APC before 2023 and defect to PDP to run for the governorship.

Thus, he is doing everything possible within his powers as the Deputy President of the Senate to ensure the Delta APC crisis is not resolved, to destabilise the party ahead of 2023.

To further strengthen himself for this mission, the DSP is bringing in his PDP cronies to fortify himself, by giving appointments to PDP members, leaving the APC members to be discouraged and frustrated. As we speak, the key appointments given so far, by the DSP are staunch PDP members across the state, recommended by both Gov. Okowa and Chief Michael Diden (AKA Ejele), the Chairman of DESOPADEC.

These Claims can be verified, as their names are there as Aides and advisers to the DSP. These are prominent Delta PDP members that are still PDP till date.

It has become very obvious that Prophet Jones Erue, has probably been settled with a huge sum of money and big promises of juicy appointment, or maybe he is under blackmail or he has been assured of protection by the DSP from being arrested and prosecuted for the party money and properties missing under his custody, for him to make sure as the chairman, he suppresses the party in the state, by making sure the party remains dormant, without any lively activity to give it a boost, that’s why Prophet Jones never calls for any SEC or NWC meetings and kept the secretariat under lock and keys for over a year now. The mission is to kill APC in Delta State.

The recent PDP state chairmanship congress that brought back Chief Kingsley Esiso is a clear evidence of the Agege/Okowa alliance.

Chief James Ibori, wanted Hon. Godwin Atose to emerge as the state chairman, so his mission to bring in David Edevwie as the next governor would be possible.

On the other hand, because of Okowa’s secret alliance with Omo-Agege, he had to make sure he rubbished Chief Ibori, and retained Chief Kingsley Esiso, as the State Chairman, for them to be able to actualise their plans of bringing in Omo-Agege as the next governor through the PDP.

It is rumoured around that Okowa wants to bring in an Ijaw man as the next governor, instead of a Delta Central man, that rumour is just a diversionary tactics employed by the Okowa/Agege alliance, just to sway attention from the focal point.

“All these and many more plots by the DSP, Ovie Omo-Agege would lead to the final death of APC in Delta State, if not properly attended to at this stage. Thus we are calling on the Acting State Chairman, Hon. Engr. Elvis Ayomanor and the State Secretary, Comr. Chidi Okonji, to call a proper SEC meeting and suspend or possibly expel Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege from the party, to save us another calamity in 2023” the group’s spokesman said.

The group also pledged their total support for the leadership of the party and promised to provide full media coverage from both AIT and Channel, when the State Executive Committee meeting is called. They also assured the party of any financial support to take the SEC resolution to court for enforcement.



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