Delta APC Chairman, Prophet Jones Salute Buhari over 12 June Declaration


The of Delta State All Progressive Congress APC, Prophet Jones Ode Erus thank president Buhari in a press release made available to Ejesgist Media.

The Statement thus read :

President Muhammadu Buhari,
Commander in Chief,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Your Excellency,


Mr president, you have proven to the army of your followers and Nigerians whose votes conferred the presidential mandate on you that their confidence in your ability to govern the country and steer the nation back to her glorious path of progression with humane policies that take into deep considertion both the yearnings and sensibilities of Nigerians in your policy initiatives is a well founded article of faith.
In our Odyssey as a democratic nation, there had never been an event as close to crowning our quest for true nationhood as the 1993 election where Nigerians from across federating zones and religious differentials, came out lucidly to shun divisive tendencies in preference for candidates who they believed could lay the foundation of the political and economic greatness of our dear country , Nigeria , even though Moshood Abiola and his runnig mate Babagana Kingibe were both muslims.
Regrettably , that rare and divinely inspired decision by Nigerians was not allowed to blossom to fruition for Nigerians when the then military president annuled the mandate of the mass of Nigerians on the presumptious belief that his minority opinion and that of his cabal was superior to that of Nigerians.
That annulment birthed a struggle between the civil populace led by couragious human right activists and the military oligarchy which was absent in the struggle to terminate imperialism which culminated in independence in 1960. The long drawn struggle martyred many Nigerians including Moshood Abiola the presumed winner of the freest and most peaceful election ever conducted in Nigeria. Not less were the deprivations and untold hardships which others like chief Frank Kokori in the struggle suffered. But the resilience of the struggle which the military could not silence and a combination of other factors led to the military voluntarily surrrendering and embracing democracy in 1999.Ironically the first elected president and his successors since 1999 who were the first set of beneficiaries of that defining struggle opted to live in denial of the esteem value Nigerians place on the series of events that characterised that chapter in Nigeria history. The long flung denial notwithstanding , June 12 and other consequential incidents resisted being blighted from the memory of Nigerians as yearly pressure was sustainably mounted on the previous presidents inclusive of the current president to revisit the events associated with June 12 and accord them the rightful position in our national life.

Whereas president Muhammadu Buhari’s predecessors demonstrated lack of courage and humanity in not appreciating the imperative of commemorating june 12 and its heroes, president Muhammadu Buhari who has been adjudged as an exceptional couragious statesman with ennobling integrity , saw the June 12 issue as one in which he must make a remarkable difference from his predecessors by consciously coming out unequivocally to commemorate the events and the heroes of that chapter in our long uncelebrated history. So when President Muhammadu Buhari proclaimed June 12 as democracy pubic holiday in replacement of May 29 that is so artificial and ordinary as a mere day of ritualistic exercise of swearing in of democratically elected president which does not resonate with the masses as june 12 that evoke panoramic memories and images that could not be extinguished from the consciousness of Nigerians who physically witnessed the events and others who caught the images in the literature of the struggle, the joy, happiness and sense of fulfilment that it engendered is salutary.

Mr president for those of us in the army of your followers and admirers as well as others who for betrayal by previous leaders didn’ t feel passionate about wagering on your presidency, this audacious action has earned you a haven in their hearts. I join others who are very optimistic that the new paradigms you are injecting into the governance of this country will lay the foundation of a new Nigeria for which you shall be celebrated in eternity as the founder of modern nigeria by the end of your mandatory 8 years service to the nation

By :

APC chairman
Delta State

Delta APC Chairman Prophet Jones Eru ode



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