Delta 2O23 – A Message to the Okpe Nation

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Ese Sanco

I have read extremely provocative ,vexatious and unduly aggressive comments against the quest for OSU/OKPE Governor come 2O23 ,
but believe me am not perturbed because it is a call for equity and justice for my people, a people with great destiny and ancestral heritage.

I am a descendant of Ogoni one of the sons of the four children of okpe namely, Orhue, Orhoro, Evwreke and Esezi.they make up the four ruling house of my kingdom.

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These four Okpe ruling houses adopted a rotational system to produce a ruler for the kingdom. This has helped to stabilize peace and social equality in the kingdom till date. I came from an ancestry that has its values built upon justice and equity.

Having subjected to so much marginalisation despite the fact that we have the largest kingdom in Delta central where the governor is zoned to come 2O23, It is one of my greatest convictions that we deserve to have a shot at the No1 seat

Where are our great men? The Okpes are known for bravery , they are warriors, I call on all okpe sons and daughters to stand firm and committed to this cause, a cause that may never be achieved in our lifetime if we miss this opportunity come 2O23.

We must stand up to fight and demand for what is rightfully ours.

Consider Julius Caesar who came, who saw and who conquered. Consider the great Heracles who was a descendant of the mighty Hercules himself. Consider Spartacus, who turned slaves into men. Consider Samson, who slew a troop with the jaw bone of an ass and yet who fell at the touch of a woman.

Consider our gallant amazons and female warriors of old- Boudica of East Anglia, Joan D’Arc of France, Elizabeth 1 of England, Amina of Zaria, Moremi of Ife, Golda Meir of the State Of Israel, Margret Thatcher of Great Britain, Indira Ghandi of India, Queen Idia of Benin, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Queen Esther of the Medes and Persians, Cleopatra of the Blue Nile and Egypt and Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Had these great men and women all not stood their ground and had they all not played their role in our collective history, where would the world be today? They sacrificed their today so that we may have our tomorrow.

They lived and died for the sake of others and asked for only one thing in return: that their names should live forever and that we should never forget their noble deeds and their worthy sacrifices.

It is therefore our duty to ensure that the good in our land prevails over the evil and that the light overcomes the darkness. That is our hope and that is the challenge before every self-respecting Okpe indigene today- to scale the obstacles in our land and to bring hope to the hopeless, the vulnerable, the weak, the poor, the deprived and the less privileged. That is what warriors are meant to do and my prayer is that the Lord grants each and every one of us the presence of mind and the fortitude to do it. May God bless and defend our ethnic nationality

My name is
Sanco Ese
God’s Pen of intervention

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