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Honestly, it is not a bad idea for the good people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie to agitate for Governorship comes 2023 but very wrong when names are being selective and such are within a political party.

It is very misleading when we hear or watch names being mentioned stylishly. Either ward ten-man or Osubi man.

I think I read that what makes one a citizen of a place is by birth, marriage, naturalisation or conferment. On this ground, as many who are Okpes, Sapelites or Uvwies by Birth either maternally or paternally should be given fair play and not causing confusion.

I fault those who may for personal gains want to mislead our people.

I’m joyous we want an Okpe or Sapele or Uvwie man for Governorship but don’t segregate. Fairness is key to all related, as stated above.

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I wish to clear the air too that not only in the People’s Democratic party we have qualified persons! The APC and other parties are there. Don’t paint the PDP only as of the best party and therein only authorised persons. If it is a group that is all-encompassing, then fair play should be. I have read so many publications on OSU MOVEMENT, and I feel to some extent there is this element of bias.

I know many will want to attack this publication, but the message is passed already.

I stand to be corrected how one becomes a citizen of a place and why it should be a particular party that will produce such when it is a group comprising different parties.?

I wish to appeal to those for the OSU MOVEMENT to be very liberal in all they do as Okpe, Uvwie and Sapele have so many sons and daughters qualified either paternally or maternally.

Do have a great day…Don’t be too critical reading…. message passed.


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