Delta 2023: Only Equity And Unity Can Guarantee Victory For Delta Central

Delta State

My name is Ese Sanco, a lot of people misconstrue my quest for equity as an act of extremism, it is not true, I am not and can never be a rebel or a tribalist. Neither am I a religious bigot or a hater of my fellow brothers from Delta or Delta central senatorial district, I believe in the unity of my people but that unity can only be based on one premise: the equality of every tribe and ethnic nationality, no matter how big, small or weak they might be.

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Those that tamper with that premise and enthrone their, senatorial districts, tribe, constituency and ethnic nationality above others are the real enemies of our unity and not me.

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My quest for equity within the Nigerian State and Delta is non-negotiable, It is only in Nigeria that the victims are regarded as the villains and the oppressors are regarded as the heroes.

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iPermit me to make my position clear: I am from Delta central, I am an indigene of okpe in OSU federal constituency’ a constituency that has not been privileged to produce the No 1 seat in the history of Delta State. if we refuse to ensure that there is equality of all our tribes and ethnic nationalities then we can go to blazes. I despise servitude.


Unity to me is like a religion. I am not averse to unity but I am against hegemony and ethnic domination. If that makes me a separatist, Spoiler or a secessionist then so be it. I offer no apology and I have no regrets for speaking for the millions that cannot speak for themselves and for having the courage of my convictions.

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You cant seek equity for Delta central come 2023 in one breadth and go against it within Delta central in another breath

I am from Delta central which by the grace of God will produce the next governor come 2O23, a lot of people detest my courage to speak on behalf of my people (OSU) after so many years of marginalization and political domination.

I say this because OSU federal constituency constitutes major ethnic nationalities who represent the majority in Delta central but quite unfortunately they have been grossly undermined and marginalized in the socio-political and economic equation of Delta state and Delta central even though they are major custodians of oil and gas including being a major stakeholder in the aspect of power generation in this country. WHO DOES THAT?

I am from OSU federal constituency which despite being the majority tribes in the Central senatorial district of Delta state has not been able to produce, Governor, SSG, Deputy Governor, Minister, Chief of staff’, ambassador, Desopadec Chairman and a National representative in the board of NDDC undermining the fact that we contribute a substantial amount in revenue of this great country and parade some of the best brains in Delta state.

We are not born to be ruled or born to serve whilst others, from different, senatorial districts or federal constituencies and ethnic stock, were supposedly born to rule. We are a proud people, from a proud lineage, I am from the ever-resilient and irrepressible Ogoni lineage of okpe kingdoms in OSU federal constituency, We are from a strong and proud ethnic nationality, who serves a proud and mighty God.

If others are ready to forget who and what they are, I am not. If others are ready to bow before Baal, I am not. If others are ready to prostitute their principles, bury their conscience, jettison their values, betray their people, sell their souls and serve the devil, I am not.

I will continue to defend and agitate for my people bearing in mind that now that the Governorship is zoned to our central senatorial district it is more honourable and equitable for our brothers from other federal constituencies within Delta central to support the people of Okpe/Sapele and Uwvie (OSU) federal constituency to produce the next Governor. since the ughelli and Ethiope federal constituency has served under that capacity before now.

I would rather die on my feet than life on my knees. I would rather struggle and live by faith than eat of the King”s accursed meat.

The Bible says, “what profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul?” I would rather take the long and hard road of piety, humility, courage, struggle, persecution, misrepresentation and suffering and preserve my precious and eternal soul than take the easy road of compromise and slavish capitulation and lose my salvation.

I reject and break the chains of servitude and bondage which the enemies of God and the adversaries of humanity seek to place on me and my people, I refuse to bend the knee to those that seek to conquer, subjugate and enslave me and my people.

Give me justice, freedom and equal rights or give me nothing because To live is Christ and to die is gain. As long as I live I will continue to fight for the oppressed, speak for the voiceless and give hope to the weak, the vulnerable, the despised, the hated, the persecuted and the marginalised.

I call on the Delta state political superstructure and people from my senatorial district to in the spirit of life and let’s live to support our course and we will be eternally grateful. this is the only way to a more united Delta central

All my life, I have been a media influencer, a human right activist and a voice to the oppressed and as long as I live I will continue to be a nightmare and a source of worry, deep sorrow, anxiety and pain for the oppressors and those that believe that my people and I are nothing but serfs and slaves. That is my calling. That is my mission. And whatever the cost, as long as the Lord is with me, I shall do it till the end.

I owe no one apology, I will continue to do my best for my people and humanity because I serve a God who is the Alpha and Omega ‘ the all-knowing God who still rules over the affairs of Men.

OSU 2023 is like a religion to me

May God bless all men of goodwill.

My name is
Sanco Ese
God’s Pen of intervention



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