Defence Academy Attack: No Northern Muslim Affected (Names and State)

Flying Lieutenant CM Okoronwo , Lieutenant Commander , Wulah


No Northern Muslim was affected during the dreaded Attack.

Identities Of Military Officers Shot Dead By have been revealed

A identified as and Flying Lieutenant CM Okoronkwo has been identified as the two victims who were shot dead during the invasion of Afaka barracks of the () on Tuesday morning.

Ejes Gist News had reported that the prestigious military institution was attacked around 1 a.m on Tuesday.

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The assailants struck while many were sleeping, according to a source inside the barracks.

Security had been beefed up, according to the source, to keep the armed men from fleeing with their victims.

Major Datong was kidnapped in the incident, while another officer, 2nd Lieutenant Onah, was injured by a gunshot and is being treated at the hospital.

Unconfirmed reports had it that Major Christopher Datong, Abducted Major has been Found Dead –

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The attack occurred less than a week after President Muhammadu Buhari instructed security chiefs to increase their efforts because he did not want to leave office as a failure.

Victims of Terrorist Attack and State of origin

1: Lt Cdr ( Benue) was killed.

2: Flt Lt CM Okoronkwo,(Abia ). killed.

3: Major Datong kidnapped. (Plateau) killed.

4: Lt Onah (Enugu) was injured and hospitalized.

No Northern Muslim was affected.

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