Deborah Samuel: Gov. Tambuwal Receives Alleged Blasphemy Report

Blasphemy: Police reveal names of Deborah Samuel’s killers, Naomi Goni

Governor Tambuwal receives “Blasphemy” investigation report, considers reopening college where was murdered

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the governor of Sokoto State, has received the committee’s report on the unrest among students at the Shehu Shagari College of Education on May 12. (SSCOE).

Remember how Deborah Samuel, a student at SSCOE, was killed by being stoned to death by a crowd on the grounds of the college for suspected blasphemy?

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The governor also declared that his government would investigate the potential of reopening the college after receiving the committee’s report and hearing from several stakeholders and state officials about the necessity of doing so.

In order to reopen the college as quickly as possible, he gave the Governing Council of the SSCOE the order to call a meeting.

The Governor also reassured the state’s citizens that the government would put the committee’s recommendations into action. He reiterated his conviction that doing so would stop a recurrence not only at the affected college but also in all of the state’s tertiary institutions in the future.

The governor also urged the federal government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to work together to find a solution to the union’s protracted strike.

“No problem is insurmountable. Finding a middle ground is necessary for the sake of our children and our nation, he said.

ASUU and the federal government should adjust their stances and make concessions to one another, he said, noting that there is give and take in negotiations in order to allow students to resume their studies.

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The governor urged the local ASUU chapter at Sokoto State University to change its stance in light of the state’s efforts to properly accomodate all of the union’s requests and the fact that the state government has been paying the salaries of the varsity employees on time.

Since you are unaffected by the demands of the national ASUU organization, you shouldn’t show solidarity with them.

You hurt your own students by showing solidarity with them, and this kind of solidarity is quite harmful. Please cancel and return to work. Tambuwal further stated.

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Engineer Abdullah I. Bakale, the chairman of the 12-person investigative committee of the SSCOE crisis, stated in his speech that the committee had conducted a thorough study into the situation, which had prompted them to make a complete report on it.


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