Davido, Other Celebrities in Big Trouble As Online Investment Scheme, Scam Many Nigerians  


Scammed Investors Want , Rema, Other Celebrities Arrested For Endorsing Fraudulent Ponzi Scheme, RackSterli.

Davido, Other Celebrities in Big Trouble As Online Investment Scheme, Scam Many Nigerians  

Nigerians have demanded the arrest of several celebrities, including David Adeleke, better known as Davido, Divine Ikubor, better known as Rema, and Williams Uchemba, for sponsoring and publicising the RackSterli Ponzi scheme, which has allegedly deceived a large number of individuals.

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People were encouraged to invest in the platform after seeing celebrities in viral videos endorsing it.

I’d like to introduce you to one of Nigeria’s largest investing platforms. There are numerous possibilities over there… For the past six months, it has been quite dependable. Davido remarked in one of the Video seen by Ejes Gist Naija News.

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The Ponzi-like scheme, which is run by Chidi, also known as Blackgold, provides a variety of packages to its customers, including Standard, Diamond, Premium, Ruby, Platinum, Emerald, Gold, and Topaz. They come in 11 different packages.

On Saturday, Ejes Gist Naija News checked www.racksterli.org and discovered that the RackSterli website had crashed, leaving investors owing money stranded.

Some customers who invested in the programme last year and have not received any returns are criticising the celebrities for promoting it.


“All of the celebrities who supported the plot should be detained as well. Davido and Williams Uchemba backed the brand and helped us get here. Now, the so-called Racksteri investment has squandered our funds by purchasing a brand new G. Wagon just days after his accident,” Akintunde Mayowa Johnson stated.


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