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Rev Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John has blast the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Daniel Olukoya over his latest comment relating to Christmas celebration.

Olukoya had on Wednesday on the Church’s Headquarter in Lagos throughout Manner Water Service, which coincided with the 2019 Christmas celebration stated that no ebook within the bible recorded the phrase ‘ Christmas’ or that Jesus was born on Dec. 25.

According to the final overseer, Dec. 25 is a date initially put aside by the traditional Romans for Mars pageant by the worshippers of the solar.

“If you actually examine the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, there isn’t any phrase like Christmas. “The bible solely recorded that the Shepherds had been caring for their flocks throughout a really chilly season after they sighted the star that introduced the beginning of Jesus Christ. “This chilly interval could possibly be round April or May,’’ Olukoya stated.

In a swift response to the trending matter,the Catholic Priest,Rev Fr.Oluoma took to his Facebook to highschool the G.O of MFM about Christmas.

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“I wanted to pretend I didn’t read about the G. O who said ‘Christmas’ is not in the Bible and so shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s the same funny mentality of those who confuse terminology with theology. Easter as a term is not in the Bible but we celebrate Easter because it’s an event and a mystery recorded in scripture. Same with Christmas, it’s not the term or calendar date we celebrate but the event and mystery. One day now someone will wake up tipsy on ‘anointing’ and tell me to tell him why I call myself a Catholic since that term doesn’t exist in the Bible. Same folly can be extended to all churches because no church has a name that’s used as a group of church members in the Bible”.Rev Fr. Oluoma wrote.

He continued with one other analogy.

“A Pentecostal church that claims it does not rejoice Christmas bc the time period does not exist within the Bible however calls itself a Pentecostal church is only a comedian contradiction. Pentecost means fiftieth day, it was an agricultural feast that had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit till that specific year that the Holy Spirit fell on the apostles in Acts 2. Even after that there isn’t any report in scripture that the Holy Spirit fell on different people on Pentecost day. If I needed to be ‘an anointed fool’ I might have been going spherical condemning Christians who determine as Pentecostals, quizzing them to point out me the place it is within the Bible {that a} group of believers had been known as Pentecostals or to show to me the place any group of Christians celebrated Pentecost within the Bible. Yet frequent sense dictates that it is neither terminology nor semantics we determine as Pentecostal however the actuality and thriller of the Holy Spirit. Whoever adjectives SENSE with COMMON hasn’t skilled this era of WHERE IS IT IN THE BIBLE intoxicated Christians, frequent sense could be very uncommon. The Bible shouldn’t be a dictionary or historical past ebook, it is extra of a theology than terminology. When you need to use the Bible to validate or invalidate any non secular follow, you search for the Biblical theology about it, not the terminology. Mother’s day, father’s day, Children’s day, and so forth will not be within the Bible, however the Bible does not have something towards their celebration. It’s solely a spiritual ignoramus that can condemn these celebrations and get pious zombies to observe suit. If you care to know, there are various issues we do in life that aren’t within the Bible and God is not indignant in any respect. Traditional marriage, village conferences, cross over vigils(these ‘present me the place it is within the Bible’ of us who’re hooked on thirty first Dec Cross over vigil do not even know it isn’t within the Bible of their sense), birthday parties, wedding ceremony anniversaries and so forth will not be within the Bible.

The Catholic Priest ended his submit with sarcasm.

“Finally, someone needs to tell Dr Olukoya that MFM has a football club, I’ve been searching for it in the Bible and couldn’t find, abi no be MFM get that football club? Some nonsense must stop this 2019, let me come and be going”.He concludes.

Rev Fr Oluoma Chinenye John is a Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja.

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