Cyril Ogodo alleged Meets with Chief Monday Igbuya, Plot to Hijack APC for Ibori and make Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei the APC Flag Bearer.


By Anthony

On Monday the 11Th of June was the day all uncertainties that pry the minds of APC faithful across Delta, about the Chief Obori’s plot to takeover the Delta APC structure, using the Ochei/Igbuya combination as Governor and Deputy, was finally exposed and laid to rest, as Chief Igbuya on behalf of Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei hosted Chief at his hotel, Moovig Hotels, Sapele.

It would be recalled that this Ochei/Igbuya plot was exposetotwo months ago in an online publication, which drew a lot of comments, reactions and counter reactions, to the extent Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei had to deny having anything to do with Chief Monday Igboya in three separate rebuttals published on social media by his aides.

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According to a close associate of Chief Cyril Ogodo, who his very happy and excited at the development, said he is very happy now that the “Ibori boys” are pulling their weights very strongly behind Chief Ogodo, that he believes with all these political bigwigs rallying round Chief Ogodo, he’s very optimistic they would be able to overpower the Ibe Kachikwu/Omo-Agege structure that is behind Prophet Jones Erue, the incumbent Delta State APC Chairman.

According to the insider who pleaded anonymity, Igbuya hosted Chief Cyril Ogodo and his inner caucus at his hotel in Sapele, where he welcomed them with four bottles of Moet Champaign and twenty five thousand naira (#25,000) to support the kolanuts.

According to him, Chief Monday Ovwigho Igboya, the recently sacked Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, told them he is hosting them on behalf of Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei and the Ibori dynasty, that even though he has been in the background, he wants to officially let Chief Cyril Ogodo know he has been solidly behind him all these while, that he will soon officially decamp to APC,as soon as the stage is set, as would be determined by the outcome of the APC National Convention. And then he would be coming in, as running mate to Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei. He assured Chief Ogodo of their support, that he should be relaxed, that everything will soon be ok. He revealed that Chief James Ibori is trying to perfect the plans to ensure that he Cyril Ogodo, is the one they would admit into the convention arena as the Delta APC Chairman and not Prophet Jones Erue.

While in the meeting, Chief Igbuya, placed a call to Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, so he could also talk to Chief Ogodo, as a way of convincing Chief Ogodo, that Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei is a part of the whole game plan.

While discussing with Rt. Hon.Ochei on phone, Chief Ogodo expressed concerns over the role of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu and his strong support for Prophet Jones and his team. But Rt. Hon. Ochei assured Ogodo, that Dr. Ibe Kachikwu won’t be an issue, that he’s his brother from same LGA, that even if he refuses to work with them, there’s no problem because Dr. Kachikwu is not a politician and he’s not even a force to bother about as far as Delta North is concerned. He said the most important thing is that he Ochei has brought the entire Delta North under his grip and control, that with Chief Monday Igboya, from Central as his Deputy, they are bound to sweep PDP of their feet. This development excited Chief Ogodo, that he almost prostrated on the bare floor of the hotel room, to honour Chief Igbuya in appreciation.

Chief Cyril Abeye Ogodo, thanked Rt. Hon. Monday Igbuya for his support thus far and promised to forever remain loyal to his leadership. But he asked for just one more favour. According to the insider, these were his words, “my leader sir, even though I have always known u people were secretly working with my boss Olorogun Otega Emerhor all along, I have never been privileged to be in a meeting like this,where it was said openly. Today my heart is gladdened with joy, cause I know with the backing of Chief Ibori, I will definitely be given the chairmanship come June 23rd. Sir but I still want to ask for one more thing, just like the proverbial Oliver Twist. Sir, can you make it possible for me to meet with our Super Leader, Ibori before the National Convention? If you can do this for me, I will forever remain grateful and loyal to you sir”



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