Cute Abiola Missing or Arrested by Nigerian Navy ?

Cute Abiola

Ahmed Gafar aka , a social media skit maker, has been missing for over 24 hours, according to friends and family.

, a Nigerian naval officer, left his residence at about 6:00 a.m. on Monday for office at Navy Town, according to a statement released by comedian Mr Macaroni on Tuesday evening.

Mr Macaroni shared a screenshot of the statement, pleading with the Nigerian Navy to confirm the location of the skit maker.

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“I believe the honourable thing to do would be to clarify details surrounding Cute Abiola’s detention and put everyone’s mind at ease if the Nigerian Navy has any information to help Cute Abiola’s family and friends confirm his whereabouts or if he is in their custody,” Mr Macaroni tweeted.

Cute Abiola was said to have called his wife on his office phone, but subsequent attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

“His wife and other associates have tried unsuccessfully to contact him on several occasions. He has not returned to his family and no one has heard from him since he last communicated with his wife and associates that he had already arrived at the office,” according to the statement.

While his whereabouts are unknown, reports claim he was detained in a cell and that the naval authorities did not make his detention public.


“It was later learned from a reliable source that he has been locked up in the Nigerian Navy cell since he arrived at the office yesterday morning until the time of posting this information without being fed, and no date has been set for his release from custody,” the statement said.Cute Abiola

“Because The Cute Abiola is an Ulcer patient, this unfortunate situation has left his wife emotionally tortured and traumatised.” As a result, not feeding an Ulcer patient as a punishment for an undisclosed offence is something to be concerned about in order to avoid unnecessary complications with The Cute Abiola’s health.”



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