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Strike latest Update: FG Moves to Deregister ASUU in a twist of fate

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that  fresh development in the conflict between the FG and ASUU was brought about by the Federal Government’s threat to revoke the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASUU) Certificate of Registration (CoR).

Recall that the government had claimed that the injunction issued by the National Industrial Court (NIC) ordering varsity teachers back to the classrooms would not have an impact on negotiations with the union.

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FG Moves to Deregister ASUU 

The union’s alleged inability to provide the financial reports of its audited account as required by law during the previous five years has resulted in the government threatening to revoke the CoR.

It was discovered that the union has received a question from the government, via the Registrar of Trade Unions, asking why its CoR should not be withdrawn for violating the law.

While receiving the leadership of the Nigerian Association of Medical and Dental Academics (NAMDA) at work on Wednesday night, Labour and Employment Minister Dr. Chris Ngige announced the development.

Following a breakdown in discussions between the striking university lecturers and the Federal Ministry of Education, their principal employer, the minister had referred the case to the NIC.

Despite numerous discussions organised by Education Minister Adamu Adamu, neither party was able to come to a consensus.

Why FG Moves to deregister ASUU 

According to Ngige, university-based unions have a propensity of disobeying the statute that established them when it comes to submitting their yearly audited accounts.

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The minister claimed that because of the protracted strike, he has instructed the Registrar of Trade Unions to refrain from applying the hammer of the law against ASUU because any action taken by the government would be misconstrued.

The leadership of university-based unions that collect check-off dues from its members was required by law to provide an account of how the money was spent, he said.


ASUU Chairman, Emmanuel Osodeke speaks on FG Moves to Deregister ASUU

Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, the president of ASUU, characterised the proposed action to de-register ASUU as a ministerial attempt to use blackmail to force university professors back to work.

The ASUU Chairman requested President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to look into how the minister has harmed the government and the interests of students by taking advantage of the .

Ngige Replies Osodeke on FG Moves to deregister ASUU 

Ngige said that ASUU has ignored requests for audited financial statements from the relevant Section of Trade Union Creation. How do they make use of their funds?

“They should account for the money they collect in check-off dues. Accordingly, the Trade Union Act mandates trade unions submit audited accounts to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in June of each year.

Ngige said in reference to the ASUU strike: “You went on strike. One week later, the Minister of Labour welcomed you here, where we spoke about seven different things one at a time and settled on five of them.

“The two issues on which we could not agree were the use of UTAS; we asked NITDA to test again. In a meeting with the traditional leaders, Sultan and NIREC, we requested a report from NITDA within six weeks.

The only issue left to be resolved in the renegotiation of the 2009 Agreement is the employees’ conditions of service, which we requested they discuss with the Education Ministry.

“It is untrue what you say about the government not carrying out the 2009 Agreement. President Jonathan and his team committed to pay you N1.3 trillion – N220 billion every year for six years – at the 2009 contract renegotiation in 2013. Maybe because they were aware that they were leaving. But they both agreed on it.

“By 2019, we had made amends here once more. However, we noted that this government is unable to satiate your need. What are we to do? We set up a payment schedule for a single N220 billion tranche.

On FG Moves to Deregister ASUU, Ngige Further Stated…

“This administration began paying. They have already paid almost N50 billion. I am not sure, but I believe we requested them to compare the numbers provided by the Budget Office and ASUU.

The public is misled when they refer to the 2009 agreement. We were unable to make payments for Goodluck Jonathan’s government’s revitalization in 2009. The government’s claim that it cannot pay is valid.

Let us reevaluate our obligation to you or our pledge to you. It was a contract. Anytime can be a good time to revise a collective bargaining agreement. We are in that location.

“Their employment terms, which included the CONUASS salary scale, were another item up for negotiation. That one was sent back to the Education Ministry, which served as their principal employer.


The ministry of education invited council chairmen, with professor Mini Briggs serving as chair of the group for renegotiation.

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The availability of the fund and, consequently, the ability to pay, which is the ILO principle in wage fixing mechanisms, will also serve as a guiding concept in that negotiation.

“Merely promising to provide you N1.3 trillion and then failing to do so is insufficient. Because of this, the negotiations continued and several ideas were made.

These proposals are currently in dispute. They did not contact the government adequately before accepting the recommendation on what they could pay from the education committee.

“They did not talk to the finance minister. The Federation Budget Office was not consulted. The National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission was not consulted.

That is the latest NewsOnline Today on FG Moves to deregister ASUU 

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