#COVID19: What Is The Way Forward For Nigeria?



Whether we like it or not, the unseen but common enemy popularly known as or Covid 19 is already In Nigeria.

Now the world’s most deadly virus eating deep into our economy, the big question on every Nigerian’s mind is, when will this global pandemic end? Since we do not know when this life-threatening virus affecting our social, political, and religious existence will come to an end, I think it’s high time we started channeling more efforts into possible solutions that will help stop the spread of this virus.

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From the moment Nigeria recorded her first case, I have keenly observed, patiently watched, and tirelessly hoped that Nigeria would grab the opportunity to harness our God’s given skills and talents.

But as events unfold, I listened in great disappointment to our supposedly able Chairman of the Presidential task force on COVID-19; Boss Mustapha (also secretary to the government of the federation (SGF)) saying, ‘Nigeria may ask Madagascar to send a planeload of “herbal solutions” to treat COVID-19.’

For wisdom’s sake, why on earth do we need to go as far as importing herbal solutions when we have countless numbers of both local and advanced, educated, and intelligent doctors right here in the country? At this point, I expect us to look inward and not outward. The best of the doctors are here

If we were sensitive to the times, this pandemic should have taught us that this is the right time to maximize our potentials, improve our economy, and decide the fate of our country.

As a developing nation suffering needless limitations, how else do we grow if we keep waiting for WHO and depending on other countries for solutions? After all, the Branded COVID-organics, the medicine which contains artemisia, and a plant used in treating malaria, was developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.

Nigeria, as the ‘giant of Africa,’ should emulate this good example and take up the challenge to set the pace instead of glorifying foreign innovations.

I’m calling on the chairman of the Presidential task force on covid 19 to invest in research and make available resources needed to achieve positive results.

He should, without further delay, support, engage, and involve our health analyst in the ultimate search for solutions.

Even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has continually warned that there is no cure yet for the virus, some vaccines have been used in clinical trials.


We can produce outstanding inventions. This is not the time to live in fear and uncertainty because I firmly believe that covid 19 has come to make and not mar us.

This is the time to look into ourselves, be deliberate, purposeful, and make conscious efforts towards recovery.

The fight against Covid 19 does not only stop at the washing of hands or preaching social distancing but also tackling related issues like covid 20 (hunger virus) borne from covid 19.

To effectively combat these unwanted visitors, our leaders should take proactive measures like encouraging experts in other fields to come up with ideas, ensure that the funds provided for palliatives are used appropriately, and endorse policies that will benefit the people.

The number of people being tested is deficient compared to our large population in the country. The task force should also make adequate provisions for testing facilities and all necessary tools to curtail the widespread of this virus.

No doubt, Covid 19 will not just determine how effective our leaders are but will tell what defines our priorities as a nation.

Its time to stand as Nigerians, do the right thing, save lives, and live right. Corona does not discriminate. It is no respecter of race, class, or age. We can change the narrative and overcome ONLY if we get it right.

Paul Oyiborume is a fast-rising politician who is passionate about Nation building. He is a National youth leader from the south and a member of the Presidential campaign council of APC.
You can contact him via [email protected]


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