COVID-19: Check Out 10 Dangerous Nigerian States You Must Avoid Travelling To


COVID-19 states

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With the deadly Coronavirus still sweeping massively across the nation, Nigerians must be extremely careful where they travel to or else, they will be brought down by the pandemic.

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Currently, Nigeria has raked in 8,915 confirmed cases of Coronavirus since February. It has been able to discharge 2,592 patients who survived the pandemic, with 259 people who died from the pandemic. Nigeria has 6,064 active cases of the virus to deal with as at Thursday, May 28.

Of this skyrocketing figures, 10 states in Nigeria play major roles in ramping up the virus. These states are dangerous to travel to right now. Some people who travelled to them in recent time came back with the virus.

The states are:

1. Lagos

Lagos is simply the epicentre of Coronavirus in Nigeria. It contributed to almost half of the coronavirus infections in Nigeria. As at Thursday, 28 May, Lagos has raked in 4,123 confirmed coronavirus cases, discharging 745 patients who survived the virus and ramping up 47 deaths.

The State’s active coronavirus cases stand at 3,331. Right now, the state is not a desire destination for tourists and Nigerians except those who can take the risk. Some have done so and came back with the virus. Lagos is experiencing serious community infections. It is simply the New York of Africa in terms of Coronavirus infections.

2. Kano

Kano is certainly not a place to visit right now, as the deadly coronavirus is sweeping through the land. Currently, Kano has ramp up 939 cases of the virus, discharged 139 survivors and lost 41 people to the pandemic, leaving 759 active cases for the state to manage. Those still insisting that they must travel to Kano must be extremely careful or they find themselves in isolation centres.

3. FCT

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja is another dangerous place to travel to right now as the virus has ravaged the nation’s capital. Abuja has so far recorded 535 confirmed cases of the virus, with 158 discharges and 14 deaths, leaving 296 active cases to manage.

4. Katsina

Katsina has ramp up 358 coronavirus infections, 51 discharges and 14 deaths, with 293 active cases of the virus to manage. The state is now a danger zone as it has been infested with the deadly virus, couple with the fact that more tests are not being conducted.

5. Oyo

Ever since its governor, Seyi Makinde contracted Coronavirus and later recovered, Oyo State has not looked back. The state has been raking in cases of the virus. It now has 260 confirmed cases, 88 discharges and six deaths, with 166 active cases left to manage. Oyo is a danger zone for travellers because you don’t know who has the virus.

6. Borno

The Northeast state has so far garnered 258 coronavirus infections, with 160 discharges and 25 deaths. The State is another area to look out for by travellers. It is risky travelling there.

7. Ogun

Ogun State recorded the first case of Coronavirus in Nigeria, with the visit of the index case, an Italian. Since then, the state has ramp up 246 infections, 128 discharges and nine deaths, with 109 active cases. Ogun is currently, like others, experiencing community transmission of the virus, making visitors at risk, especially as the state shares border with Lagos, the epicentre of the virus.

8. Jigawa

Jigawa State is fast gaining notoriety in coronavirus infections. The state has recorded 241 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 78 discharges, with four deaths. It has 159 active cases still to manage. Travellers to Jigawa must be extremely cautious.

9. Edo

Edo State has recorded 240 cases of Coronavirus. It has also discharged 69 patients and recorded 13 deaths, leaving 158 active cases of the virus to manage. Edo is another risky area for travellers. They must exercise extreme cautiousness if they must travel.

10. Bauchi

Bauchi has recorded 234 cases of Coronavirus. The state has discharged 205 survivors and recorded seven deaths. It now has 22 active cases to manage. The state has achieved great results, but travellers must be careful as there is still community transmission.

Source: PM News

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