Oshiomhole Still APC National Chairman

It was a mild dream today, People running helter scelter that Oshiomole has been removed by the court, even lawyers and Professors.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. What the court gave was an interim order and even the order is a suspect.

Given its preservatory nature, an ex-parte order of injunction, is not intended to be a temporary victory to be used against the adverse party indefinitely. Rather, it is to last for a short period pending the determination of a motion on notice.

However, by virtue of the provisions of Order 26 Rule 11 and 12 of the Federal High Court (Civil Procedure Rules) 2009 (the “FHC Rules”), a person affected by an ex-parte order of injunction may within seven days, apply for the order to be discharged and upon such an application, the order shall not last for more than 14 days thereafter or 14 days after the application has been argued.

In Kotoye vs CBN, the Supreme Court re-emphasized this position of the law, when it held that the interim orders obtained by the Appellant, had lapsed by effluxion of time.

Further information reaching me is that thẹ bizzarre ruling was delivered by an FCT High Court after a federal high court in same FCT struck out their earlier suit with cost.

Obaseki and his cohorts went ahead shopping and filed in at thẹ FCT High Court, a court that lacks jurisdiction.

The APC Constitution is clear on the procedure to remove or suspend the National Chairman.

It is not done at the ward. Even the suspension of a party member is not done by thẹ ward Chairman suo moto as was this case.

Godwin Obaseki and his hirelings know this won’t stand, but they also know most Nigerians are gullible, hence the resort to puerile propaganda.

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Looking at the above, one wonders why Obaseki went to hire a live band with Edo money to celebrate a pyrrhic victory.

I am more convinced than ever before that Obaseki is gone, gone with the wind, unsong, like a leper.


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