Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader

Nnamdi Kanu News: Court Orders FG to Send IPOB leader back to Kenya and Pay him 500 million naira for Unlawful Extradition 

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has been ordered by a Federal High Court in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State, to receive N500 million from the Federal Government as compensation for his illegal kidnapping and violation of human rights in Kenya.

Additionally, the Court mandated that the Federal government send him back to Kenya, from which he was extradited to Nigeria on June 19, 2021.

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Kanu was extradited from Kenya without going through the proper channels, according to the court presided over by Justice E. N. Anyadike, and this was a gross violation of his basic human rights.

He concluded that the respondent had failed to refute the applicant’s claims that he had spent eight days shackled to the ground, abused, and blinded in Kenya prior to his extradition to Nigeria.

On June 19, 2022, Kanu petitioned the court to stop his extradition from Kenya through his special counsel, Aloy Ejimakor.

The infamous unlawful expulsion or extraordinary rendition of Kanu, which is a blatant violation of his fundamental rights under Article 12(4) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights as well as Chapter IV of the Nigerian Constitution, is the main focus of the lawsuit, according to Ejimakor, who also told the court that it is sui generis (of a special class).

In addition to the extradition, he said, “I am asking the Court to address the numerous violations that came along with the extradition, such as the use of torture, illegal detention, and denial of the right to a fair trial, which is required by law before anyone can be extradited to another country.

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In addition, I want to stop his prosecution and put things back to how they were before his rendition on June 19, 2021.

You may recall that on January 19, 2022, the Abia State High Court made a ruling regarding the part of Kanu’s 2017 fundamental rights breach.

Even though I had made assertions that might have qualified as rendition, the Court rejected to exercise its jurisdiction since rendition is related to extradition and is under the sole purview of the Federal High Court.

This is what motivated me to file the lawsuit with the Federal High Court.

“To be sure, Nnamdi Kanu’s exceptional rendition raised a number of legal issues that cut across several Nigerian jurisdictions and even the international legal system.

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To put it another way, the extradition has taken the Kanu case well beyond the confines of the Abuja trial and opened up new legal avenues that need to be vigorously argued before other courts and tribunals both inside and outside of Nigeria.

“Therefore, this particular lawsuit before the Federal High Court in Umuahia is one of many that aims to seek a binding ruling from the court on the legality of extraordinary rendition.

In addition, there are those in the United Kingdom, Kenya, African Union, and UN.

“I would like to use this occasion to offer my sincere gratitude to the extremely capable and diligent legal team I am directing in the pursuit of this challenging case.

Barristers Patrick Agazie, Ifeyinwa Nworgu, Tochukwu Arugbuonye, Franklin Amandi, Ohaeto Uwazie, and Mandela Umegborogu deserve special recognition.

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The following are the particular reliefs that I asked for in the lawsuit, for convenience of reference and to eliminate any ambiguity.

The court is still the common man’s last resort, according to Ejimakor, who told journalists shortly after the decision that the ruling had demonstrated.

He urged the federal government to comply with the court’s ruling and send Kanu back to Kenya.

Nnamdi Kanu News: Buhari Government Lose Bid to Transfer Nnamdi Kanu Lawsuit from Umuahia to Abuja

On Wednesday, the Nigerian government was unsuccessful in its attempt to move the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu’s extraordinary rendition lawsuit from Umuahia to Abuja.

In Umuahia, Abia State, the Federal High Court argued that it had the authority to hear the case and render a decision.

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Aloy Ejimakor, Kanu’s Special Counsel, revealed this in a tweet while reiterating that the case was still pending.

His tweets read;

“Breaking: Federal High Court, Umuahia denies the Federal Government’s application to transfer the “extraordinary rendition” suit to Abuja, and rules that Umuahia has the jurisdiction to hear and decide the suit,” the author stated. The remainder of the verdict is read aloud.

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The Special Counsel contested Kanu’s kidnapping and unusual rendition from Kenya.

He is asking the court, among other things, to order his repatriation to Kenya, where he was abducted, or to the UK, where he currently resides.

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  1. This is a good news. I am very very glad that our brother, uncle, leader (Kanu Nnamid )is now free. Glory to God! Heaven rejoice, peace & Goodwill on earth.
    Congratulations to all good citizens of Nigeria!

    God bless NIGERIA!


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