Couple sues son, demand $650,000 for not giving them grandchildren

Couple sues son, demand $650,000

Couple sues son, demand $650,000 for not giving them grandchildren

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, an Indian couple, have taken their pilot son to court, asking that he and his wife either create a grandchild within a year or pay them over $650,000 in training costs.

The parents told the court that raising and educating their son, as well as paying for his opulent wedding six years ago, had depleted their finances and that they wanted to see their grandchildren.

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“My son and his wife have been married for six years and have yet to have a child. “At the very least, having a grandchild to spend time with will make our grief bearable,” the couple wrote in their plea to a court in Haridwar, India.

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According to the court summons, the parents are seeking compensation of 50 million rupees ($650,000), which includes the expense of a five-star wedding reception, a $80,000 luxury car, and paying for the couple’s honeymoon abroad, according to the Times of India.

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“The parents also claimed they paid $65,000 to have their son trained as a pilot in the United States, only for him to return to India jobless,”.

“We also had to take out a loan to build our house, and we are now in serious financial trouble.” We are also mentally distressed as a result of living alone,” the pair stated in their plea.

Arvind Kumar, the couple’s lawyer, said the case will be heard by a court in northern India on May 17.

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