Convicted for girls trafficking in British (see details)

Josephine Iyamu aka Madam Sandra
Josephine Iyamu aka Madam Sandra

In life, some people enjoy living a double standard life and they still get away with it but some are not so lucky as they got caught in between. Such is the case of the recently convicted nurse who traffic young girls abroad for prostitution.

Reports had it that was arrested and convicted for trafficking young girls from Edo state to Germany. She was arrested at the airport on her return to London and later convicted. In a twist of event, gathered that the arrested nurse and human trafficker Ms Iyamu was an active player in Edo state politics. She was said to have once contested to represent the good people of Egor local government area at the Edo state House of Assembly on the platform of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC).

The Edo state chairman of the APC Anselm Ojezua claimed to have known her.

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He was quoted as saying: “I know the lady in question to the extent that she was going to contest but she did not scale through the primary. We know her to be a nurse and I was shocked that this happened.

I was really very shocked. What would somebody in such a prominent career be doing in such a business?”

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In her campaign poster going round the internet, Ms Iyamu described herself as a strong voice for women and families. What an irony of life!



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