By Omajemite Don

The president of the Indigenous People of Niger Delta – Delta State Chapter Comrade Ejoke Okpalefe hereby called on the Buhari lead government to tender unreserved apology to Nigerian youths at his constituency speaking with some youths who paid him a courtesy visit at his home town in Ughelli local government area of delta state during the evening hours.

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Ejoke Okpalefe stressed that Buhari calling over 60% of the Nigerian Population “senseless” and “Good for Nothing” was as a result of lack of vision from his own part knowing fully well that his government has failed Nigerian youths. If I may ask was that the reason his son fell from power bike? “President Buhari who prefer to hire 13 Senior Advocates of Nigeria to defend common Secondary School Certificate that he claimed to have but cannot produce even a photocopy to exonerate himself and prove that he actually went to school, the same man is now calling Nigerian youths illiterates and jobless who saved him with NEPA BILL to replace his certificate.
A man who does not know the difference between Osinbajo and Osinbade is calling people illiterates. A president who said ministers are noise makers. A man who did not remember his correct age said we are illiterates and lazy. A president who doesn’t read memo before appending his signature to the extent that he appointed dead people into his government with his express approval. A man who reneged on his promise of creating 3 millions jobs said we are lazy.” How many jobs has he created for Nigerian youths compared to the ratio of jobs lost by youths since he came into power? He Buhari lacks the moral right to call Nigeria youths names before the international community which was as a result of his bad governance.

Comrade Ejoke Okpalefe states unequivocally that Nigerian youths deserved an apology for that unlawful statement of character deformation
We need young,reliable, responsible, and proactive leader to take us from the analog phase into digital.

The IPND president of the Delta State Chapter said that We need versatile and clear headed youths as leaders of our time,
If we most Look forward to a better Nigeria he called on youths to take the majority/major seats in the three arms of government in the country.


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