Common Man and the Immoderate Lifestyle

Common Man

The level in which people are leaving in this country is becoming unbearable, and the daily sources of income in most of the citizens is another cause for concern.

Peoples life is becoming more and more difficult and challenges daily that you even tend to wonder what sort of government and elites our country possessed that makes them not to take irrational decisions over the life of a common people.

In one point in life we meet people at various places in order to transact one form of business in life, which might be political, economics, social and all sorts of issues in life.

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There is one time when I met one old man, whose means of survival was and still Okada rider. Life seems unbearable to him because his daily income is nothing to wrote home about.

He asked me to tell those responsible elites and government for the better future of common Man lives. He told me thus.

“Please, my son tell the elites. The situation we are now, is something unbearable.

It’s a situation we never experienced in our life. My son we were not opportune to see the fore walls of a classroom, but you were privileged to acquire Western education and I am assured that you have the means through which you can tell the elites and government the difficulties that we common people facing in this life especially during this pendamic.

In addition, My son the common food we are looking for, one day we will not be able to have it.

Why? Because common Millet is five hundred Naira, Gari is six hundred Naira not to mention Rice which is now sold one thousand+. Wallahi my son we are facing challenges and difficulties in this life.

The worst part of the problem is that, even if you send your child to buy the food for you some miscreants and hoodlums are at one point with aim to collect the money forcefully.

My son what a life?
I just calm down listening to what he was saying but I am completely confused. I said ” Baba be patient one day all this will be a history insha Allah.

But as you just said, this life, especially now the life is very, very difficult full of difficulties with many challenges from each and every angle in our society.

But insha Allah we will overcome the problem in the mean time”.
However, I promised him that I will make sure I deliver the message to those who are responsible.


This message is for everyone to be careful with the kind of people they will cast there votes for during elections. Because many of the politicians lost the way the more they won the election.

from Jigawa State Nigeria.
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