Shocking As Commissioner’s Daughter Calls-off Wedding Barely 48 Hours to Ceremony

Commissioner’s Daughter Calls-off Wedding Barely 48 Hours to Ceremony

The daughter of a Bayelsa State Executive Council Commissioner has called off her with less than 48 hours to go, alleging insincerity as the basis for her decision.

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Gloria, a bride from the Ogbia Local Area of the state, was claimed to have called off the wedding when she found that her soon-to-be husband had been lying to her about his true identity on several occasions.

According to a close relative of Gloria’s, “the groom had several connections with other women and does not have an apartment of his own, but was relying on her to get one after their solemnization,”

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“Gloria has been pleading with him to take her to his place, but he has resisted, insisting that they will go after the wedding. He had no idea that he doesn’t even have his own apartment. So, when she found out, she was upset and called the wedding off because everything was becoming increasingly suspicious and of gold-digging.

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“More importantly, he’s been lying about everything. He was also seeing other women, which she discovered as well. He only desired to marry her and live off of her. He reminds me of a gold digger.”

Our correspondent learned that Gloria’s decision, who is also a state government employee, did not sit well with her powerful mother, who believed that the event would disgrace her by inviting high-profile guests to the wedding, including the governor’s wife, Dr. Mrs Gloria Diri.

The mother was claimed to have urged her to complete the process, but she was emphatic that she would not get into a marriage that would bring her misery and regret for the rest of her life.

It has been learned that efforts are being made to refund the bride price to the groom’s family, which was paid on the day of the formal wedding, as well as to publicly inform them of the terrible conclusion of the entire marriage festivities.

Gloria has moved on with her life and decided to leave the incident behind her, despite the shame and embarrassment it has given her, according to a close friend, adding that the man has been making various baseless allegations, including requesting her (Gloria) to return him money he spent during the preparations.

“My friend put everything she had into this marriage, including spending her own money to subsidise the ashoebi for all of her friends. Despite the difficult circumstances, she gave it her all to get the best she could on everything.

“The knucklehead suggested she should reimburse him for the wedding expenses. Isn’t that amusing? How much effort did he put into the whole thing? Gloria was the one who was spending. He didn’t even bring 700 thousand naira with him. He’s just making a fool of himself.

“It’s me,” she says. I’m glad she found out everything she needed to know about him before the big day. It would have been awful if she had done the court. It was simpler to disconnect since it was merely traditional. Many people want to criticise her, but I stand by her side and will always support her decision.” Attempts to contact the groom were futile since he was not answering his phone.



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