Civil War Fighters, Army veterans protest 44 years unpaid pensions

44 years unpaid pensions

Civil War Fighters, Army veterans protest 44 years unpaid pensions

In Ibadan, Oyo State, some members of the First Intake Able Voluntary Retired or Discharged 10 or More Years in Military Service protested their 44 years of unpaid pensions.

The group marched through the streets of Ibadan, led by their National Coordinator, Cpl. Babawande Philips (rtd), with placards reading “44 years unpaid pensions to Nigeria Civil War Veterans” and “We are dying in silence.”

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“In the last 44 years, we have been defrauded of our pensions,” Philips stated.

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Our pensions have been taken away from us. We gave our life for the country’s unity.

I’m not sure why they’re treating us this way. We want the entire country to know that we’re being duped.

“Those who fought for Biafran independence have been compensated.

“Why were they compensated when we, who gave our lives for the unity of this country, went unpaid?” he enquired.

Philips disputed recent assertions that they were unqualified because their employment had lasted less than 15 years, claiming that the was attempting to use Decree 102 against them.

He claims that such a decree could not be used against them because it was never used against Biafrans fighting for the country.

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“They argue that everyone who did not serve for at least 15 years is ineligible for pensions,” he continued.

They have forgotten that, according to a circular issued in 1977, any soldier who has served for 10 years or more but less than 15 years is eligible for pensions and is also entitled to 40% of their final pay.

44 years unpaid pensions, war veterans decry

“I’m not sure if they’re aware of this circular or not.”

According to Philips, roughly 780 of them have not yet been paid, and he has appealed to the federal to do so.

“We implore the federal government to heed our rallying cry. You can’t compare someone who served on the front lines for a day to someone who served for a year.

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The Biafran soldiers were paid in instalments, with the last kobo being paid. “The final batch, roughly 112 of them, got paid last year,” he added.

War Veterans laments 44 years unpaid pensions

The coordinator also described how, in 2015, they reached an out-of-court settlement with the government and received a new biometric verification.

“We have all of these documents.” We have the biometrically acquired verification papers between 2007 and 2015.

It’s with us all the time. As a result, we are unsure why they should continue to punish us. Many of my people are poor, and many have perished,” he remarked.

Secretary Lance Cpl. Joseph Popoola (rtd) appealed to the Federal Government and Nigerians for assistance in resolving the issue.

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“It’s been difficult. We are silently hurting. We call on all Nigerians and the Federal Government to address our issues.

Civil War Fighters, Army veterans protest 44 years unpaid pensions

We’ve been working on it since 2002. We stayed in court until 2014, when Chief Justice Inang Okoro (rtd) advised us to take our case to the National Industrial Court.

In 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari was elected. We were then invited to appear to the pension board for verification, which we did. “But we haven’t heard from them,” he added.\

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