Groom-to-be dies in Delta after allegedly drinking sniper.

Chukwuka Igbonekwu, a 24-year-old groom-to-be, died on Saturday in Asaba, Delta State’s capital, after allegedly drinking sniper insecticide.

The late Igbonekwu’s traditional marriage and wedding were set for Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20, 2022, according to the wedding card.

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According to , the deceased died after a quarrel with his girlfriend, simply identified as Adaeze, over allegations that he was leaving her to marry another woman.

Chukwuka Igbonekwu
Late Chukwuka Igbonekwu

“On Thursday, March 10, 2022, there was a fight between late Igbonekwu and his girlfriend, and after much quarrelling and fighting, we decided to enter their room to find out what the problem was.”

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“The lady who lived with him for many years until his death claimed that the fight was caused by the late Chukwuka’s desire to leave her for another woman.

“When we asked the deceased what the problem was, he stated that he and the girlfriend are related and share the same AS genotype, so they are unable to marry.

“After the fight, they reconciled, and on Friday, we saw both of them leaving a shopping mall on their way home.”

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“Towards the evening, the girlfriend raised the alarm, informing people that the late Chukwuka had consumed sniper, and he was rushed to the Okpanam hospital.” The lady called her soon-to-be wife, who came to meet them at the hospital, but he died on Saturday morning.

“They brought his body to the compound, then the family came and took the body, along with the bride-to-be and the so-called girlfriend, to the village without reporting it to the police,” the source said.

According to the source, they did not call the cops and instead carried the body back to their village.

According to the traditional marriage/wedding card, the deceased was from Umuezeogwu village in Uzo-Uwani, Enugu State, and the bride-to-be, Blessing (surname withheld), was from the same state.



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