Chinese miner attacks Sierra Leonean man on mining site in Sierra Leone (video)

Photo: Chinese Miner Attacking Black Man on Mining Site 

On a mining site in Sierra Leone, a Chinese miner was caught on camera hitting a Sierra Leonean Safety Officer with a rod.

Tonkolili Iron Ore Mine was the scene of the incident.

The Chinese guy is seen criticising Sierra Leonean workers in the now-viral video, and the scolding became physical when a Sierra Leonean, who is the site’s Safety Officer, stood up to him.

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The video starts with a Chinese miner berating a member of the crew who is a local. In mockery, he spits on the floor straight in front of the man.

The man then confronts him about it, saying: “Get out of here. Man, get out of here.”

The Chinese man then approaches the Sierra Leonean Safety Officer and starts lecturing him while pointing at him. Suddenly, he smacks the paperwork the other is holding, and a brawl ensues.

The Chinese then runs back to attack the black man after picking up a rod. Other Sierra Leoneans try to restrain him so that he does not harm the man.

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Other Chinese workers arrive on the scene and begin reprimanding the black man who is photographing the situation.

However, the man claims that the Asian man had no right to harm the Sierra Leonean worker.

The man filming is overheard describing what happened to the other Chinese workers who rushed to the site during the brawl.

He says: “The man is conducting a safety tool box meeting, he went there and disrupt the safety meeting. He has no right.”


Watch the video below.

Video Credit :  Linda Ikeji
# Chinese Miner Attacks Black Man on Mining Site 


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