Chief Wilson Okpubigho Unveils his Massive plans for Ethiope East

Wilson Okpubigho

The Ethiope East House of Assembly hopeful, Chief , unveils his legislative Agenda for the people of Ethiope East.

According to his manifesto, Chief legislative agenda will focus on Education, Roads, Youths empowerment, Women empowerment, Agriculture and lots more.

The representation of Chief Wilson Okpubigho shall focus on the following agenda to better the living of the good people of Ethiope East.
EDUCATION: I am a man that cherishes education having regard to my humble background. As one who was born in a hamlet of just three mud houses, the challenges of achieving basic education were so enormous. However, after brazing the storm, I became so inspired to help in fighting such challenges still confronting children who are potential literates in my immediate environment and beyond. My representation of the people of Ethiope East shall ensure scholarship scheme which will help to cushion the effect of high cost of education for potential students who are from indigent background. There shall be the setting up of libraries stocked full with relevant books for learning purpose in schools that lack such facilities. I shall also ensure the even distribution of school desks and chairs to schools within the constituency that are poorly furnished in this regard. It is my great interest to also encourage students within the constituency in the area of E-learning and Information Communication Technology, ICT. Also, I shall keenly give attention to schools with dilapidating structures by drawing renovating projects that will put them in good shapes.

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My representation shall facilitate collaboration with the executive arm of to ensure the construction of roads that will link the rural areas and ease the smooth conveyance of agricultural produce to urban market centers.
I shall also ensure that a road maintenance culture is put in place through the patching of potholes and the dressing of pedestrian lanes.
It has been said that the youths are the salt of the society. In Delta State, including the Ethiope East Constituency, there is a clear evidence of promising youths who are roaming the streets aimlessly. They are the victims of a frustrating system of which has over the years denied them of gainful employment. My representation will ensure that employment opportunities are created through various empowerment programs to decongest the streets of frustrated unemployed youths.
From ancient times till date, the people of Ethiope East have thrived on agricultural enterprise as the mainstay of their economy. This aspect of their lives has to be given a maximum attention.My representation shall help to facilitate programs which will prioritize agriculture at every stratum of the constituency. This will be attained through the equitable distribution of agricultural facilities to subsistence and commercial farmers as well as linking the people to financial institutions which can provide micro and medium scale credit for them. We shall also encourage our youths to participate in agro-businesses through training as well as formation of farmers’ cooperative societies.
It has been said that health is wealth. Under health my representation will focus much on free diagnosis, especially in the areas of eye care, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis Blood Sugar, etc. We shall also engage optometrists and opticians who will treat serious eye cases and dispense eye glasses to such patients free of charge. I shall also ensure the provision of essential health facilities that might be in inadequacy in our health centers and hospitals.

One of the greatest priorities of my representation will be on face-lifting of the environments within my constituency. We will achieve this by collaborating with community youths to help in proper clearing of existing drainages, water covets, illegal dump sites, and abandoned scraps. The environmental work shall also involve clearing of weeds from the major roads as well as sweeping them to sanitize our roads. In this aspect, we shall also encourage the planting of trees and flowers to beautify our communities as it is in states like Cross Rivers, AkwaIbom and Rivers.

My representation shall also focus on the welfare of the people of Ethiope East especially through widows’ aid programs, health care programs for elderly people, nursing mothers and children.

As part of my commitment to the affairs of women in my constituency, I shall initiate an empowerment scheme which will get unemployed women engaged on monthly stipends. Such women will be recruited for the daily sweeping of our major roads in order to keep the environment clean as well as engage in other menial jobs that will be beneficiary to them.
Generally, I shall adopt a participatory approach to ensure that the constituents are carried along in planning, design, implementation and evaluation of constituency projects through convening of regular town hall and constituents meetings which will involve representatives of the people and their leaders from different wards of Ethiope East local government area in order to discuss, brainstorm and get feedbacks that will better the affairs of the constituency.

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