Chief Cyril Abeye Ogodo Spits fire ?


By Celepreye Ebimowei

SAPELE: The Deputy State Chairman of the Delta State APC, who ran for the State Chairmanship of the party in the just concluded State Congress of the APC, Chief Cyril Ogodo, today issued a stern warning to the former governor of Edo State Comr. Adams Oshiomole and those he refers to as being in the corridors of power at the presidency.
According to the APC Stalwart, he and his principal and leader, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor have put in too much into thus fight for him to become the State Chairman of the party, thus would not accept defeat at this stage. “My principal has spent so much money on this game, almost everybody at the National Headquarters of the party have been settled and they support us. Olorogun O’tega Emerhor has spent hundreds of millions at the national. And we have them working in our favour, now all of a sudden somebody just jumps in, because of his stupid ambition to become the National Chairman, he now wants all that we have perfected to be a waste, God know I can’t take that. If they refuse to accept the result of our congress we did on Monday, we will fight him and his cohorts in the presidency. What concerns the presidency and the party business, they should leave Oyegun alone, it is his right to go for his second tenure”

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According to a source close to the deputy state chairman, Chief Ogodo who believes his principal Olorogun O’tega has the powers to do and undo, as far as APC Delta is concerned, has just realised that the powers of the party has drifted from his boss. “What was Oyegun even thinking, how could he have allowed that small boy, Ovie Omo-Agege, get around him, to use Oshiomole against us just like that, he couldn’t even fight to stop their list from being accepted, now, how can he now accept our own, after accepting and endorsing theirs as the authentic result? Oyegun has finished us” the insider quoted Chief Cyril Ogodo.
In another development, an APC stalwart and leader in Sapele, Chief Kingsley Okirikpo told our news crew that the emergence of Hon. Engr. Elvis Ayomanor as the State Deputy Chairman of the party, is a good development and a blessing to APC in Delta and Sapele in particular.

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He described Hon. Ayomanor as a man of honour and Dignity, who believes in the people. Thus he’s loved by the people of Sapele across party lines. “Today the entire Sapele see Hon. Ayomanor as a rising star, a great leader in the making. I know under his leadership, APC will grow so big beyond imagination, I believe those APC members who recently defected to PDP will all return back under his leadership. He also has the chance and ability to convert the entire Sapele Okpe Community to APC”



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