Check how African women grew their butts permanently with scorpion venom

In Africa, If a certain scorpion stings you on the butt or breast and you swell up, there is a 90% chance you’ll completely heal, and the area that was swollen will become healthy fats. This phenomenon is most likely to happen on the butt chicks than anywhere else.


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To avoid this, you must open the wound and squeeze it out every two or three days after you were stung. As weird as this may sound, women in Southern Africa used this scorpion’s venom on younger mothers who did not have posterior big enough to carry their babies on their back comfortably. Other tribes in Namibia and Botswana used it on the breast too. Knowledgeable elders performed this on young women.

One sting on each butt chick, and then they would use salt water to massage the area until it heals. Some families did this to their teenage daughters so they can be more desirable by men and get married faster.

The first white settlers caught wind of the tradition and tried to introduce it to Europe. There was a time where collecting the venom from this scorpion was a good-paying job until the royals banned the venom trade after many men attempted to use it on their penises and ended up with either massive penises, lost or useless penises, or dead.

The elders in Africa had mastered how to cure the venomous sting in the 1600s, and they did not need to use it more often because most young women had posteriors big enough, and only a few women that needed it used it. The downside was that you could not do it twice, as you would be risking instant death. If you are not satisfied with the first sting size, there is nothing you could do about it.

According to the last female tribe leader from one tribe (we were told to omit all names as publishing the tribe sacred rituals is prohibited) in Namibia, the other danger was picking the wrong scorpion. “Some scorpions can kill you if you are weak or it can leave you with useless ovaries.”

In 2004 a few scientists from Sweden ran tests on the scorpions and agreed that the tribe leaders were up to something but could not endorse the whole thing because of its dangers. “Basically, the body is forced to deploy more fats to that specific area after you are stung, but the healing process is more complicated. They said they use warm water with salt, but I don’t think that would work.”


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