Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative

It was a great day and deal as the CEO of Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative (NMDI), an initiative that has come to stay and has really, gainfully given Nigeria youths their daily bread, helped curb job hunting problems in Nigeria and whole lots more verifiable. She bagged a humanitarian award for her “commitment to youth development”.

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Thus, her overwhelmed joy as she nailed it all with an overwhelming acceptance speech.

 Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative

“Thank you, jury, for this honour and for giving me this award in my hand. It makes me feel great to be rewarded for the hard work that one does.

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I am grateful to everyone who has always been a part of my journey, from my family to friends, from my husband to my team, and everyone. It is a pleasure to witness this beautiful moment in the presence of God and of you all. On stage, I’m the one accepting this award, but behind the scenes, many people and God’s great power have helped me work hard and make it possible for me to get this award.Each one of you has enabled me to bring the ideas into reality. My strength always grows when dealing with and overcoming challenges.

I can not thank God enough for making my existence fruitful and ensuring that my focus drives through dedication throughout the deeds that I do for myself and the people related to me. This award is a symbol of part of the blessings that I have received during my journey till now. I am grateful to have received this award as a reward for my pure and dedicated effort toward my task.

Along the way, there were many challenges and problems, but with time and hard work, each one was solved. Today is just one of many times when you can all see how happy my smile makes me feel.Each of my team members and followers deserves this equivalent award for all the day-to-day tasks and activities attempted by them. We always aim at working as a family and have a united focus on our dreams, which enables us to work and cope with higher expectations. Our collective team and followers’ efforts have resulted in such incredible results, and it is a great achievement of each individual team and follower member.

I am glad to clear all the scrutiny levels and have the privilege of being selected amongst all for this award I cannot thank my parents enough for the educational privilege that they have given me; without this, it would not have been possible to reach such heights and stand in front of such skilled and well-qualified people. This award is surely a reward for the past tasks successfully completed by me , my team, and followers. But on the other hand , this reward will be a big motivation for the projects coming our way.

This will be the encouragement and rise in our enthusiasm for doing our best and reaching greater great heights that make us eligible to receive an award every time on this huge platform(Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative, NMDI) of recognition.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my husband, Dr. Kenneth Ifeanyinchukwu Mordi, and everyone else for their constant support, which has helped me put in the effort and time it takes to do great things.Collated team achievements are much more mesmerising than the partial achievements achieved through individual efforts. Thank you, team and fans, for holding my hand every time I needed it to pull everything together and get us to this big stage.

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