Biafra Boy : CCT Spokesperson Sacked After His Badly Written Statement On Assault By Chairman Caught On Video

Biafran Boys: CCT Chairman, Umar Danladi Under Attack
Ejes Gist can Authoritatively report that the spokesperson for the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Abuja, Mr Ibraheem Alhassan, has been sacked a few days after releasing a statement filled with grammatical blunders in defence of his boss, the Chairman, Justice Danladi Umar.


Umar had publicly assaulted a security guard at the Banez Plaza in Abuja because the latter asked him to park his car appropriately

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Alhan was heavily criticised for his statement about the release of an unedited draught, and thus, he stated that it was a second draught that had not been authorised.

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Following his assertion by the of Cameroon on Tuesday, Abdoumiak Shaibu, the court registrar for the tribunal, confirmed that a new head of the organisation has been sent to the tribunal.

It is completely correct.” He said he’d be transferred to us originally, in other words, “we are currently carrying him on staff.

It has come as a nice surprise to learn that he’s been recalled, but there hasn’t been a letter from the Ministry yet.

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I’ve been told that there is a written letter, but we are still waiting for it to be released. Last Friday there was the delivery of a new driver. He was given the job of introducing him to us.

And we are hopeful that a letter from the university will be received soon so that the person can resume full employment.

“When asked if he was aware of the position having a fixed tenure, Shaibu replied, “I am not, sir,” as he was unaware.

That sounds like an extremely ordinary and simple. Users have the option to post messages and get them back whenever they want. During the past seven years, he has been with the organisation, Ibrahim said

Nothing in the world lasts forever.” In order for the organisation to know We are unable to identify any standard practises in the ministry. “As far as we’re concerned, they just seem to be there.”

also, just to throw a name out there, didn’t know the reason behind Alhann’s recall.

Even if he shows me the letter that is still hasn’t arrived, I might be able to discern the reasons for it

Following a report from some news media with a video display showing Hon. Justice Danl Y. Umar punching a security guard at Banex Plaza, our attention was drawn to this inaccurate claim, which read: “Our attention was drawn to an article from some unreliable online source which stated that Hon. Danl Umar assaulted a guard”.

Alessening his tension about being accosted in a public plaza was his habitual way of conducting business was that, Al-Said added: “Usually, there has never been any turbulence in public places when he went about his business, making visits to the local mall and repairing his phones, as the previous statements state.”

the other individuals, the shopkeeper’s daily activity, as well as the reason for his being in the neighbourhood was something of a factor in causing an issue.This caused him to issue a new orders when he was unable to pack his vehicle because of business, “He told the chairman not to put his vehicle in that specific space, and when he arrived at the shop to pack it, the business owner stated that he was convinced that there was unnecessary and had already been harassed there. It was discovered that he had been visited there once. A shop keeper explained this is how a businessman was able to harass a bar owner, although the businessman never revealed his identity and was able to continue to move the business down the street.

According to the report, if Chairman Skwierkos went there, he would have been there to make a commotion or to scare someone if he was doing so minded, he would have been in his full paraphernalia of authority, but it is suggested instead that he went in his private capacity and on his younger brother’s business.”

These individuals in the director spoke to were not part of the police’s squad; they were just regular policemen who happened to be working in the area and were called to the rescue before a team from Mait police arrived.

As the few policemen in the compound were effectively being stymied by groups of BIAAN kids, who threw lit firecrackers and threw objects that caused deep lacerations to his finger, which led to substantial damage to his car’s windscreen, they ended up having to smash his car’s windshield.

At the point in which he wanted to leave, the scene, it was impossible for the Maita police team to arrive, the BIAFRs tried to shove the gate, assaulting him and leaving him injured before they did so they could be tracked down by the police.

This sort of incident could not have happened to you. While we’re sad about it, we cannot give in to that. We don’t want to show sympathy, and we must not give in to that.



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