Catholic Father Offu’s Bank Account Emptied 25 Minutes After Being Shot Dead

Catholic Priest, Rev Fr. Paul Offu,


Less than 25 minutes after Catholic Priest, Rev Fr. Paul Offu, was shot dead, his bank account was emptied by a yet-to-be-identified person.

The suspect made repeated withdrawals until the account was emptied, according to a reliable source working in an old generation bank (name withheld) where the late clergyman had an account.

The inside source told Daily Trust, “It makes one wonder how fast the killers (assuming they actually made the withdrawal) were able to rush to the bank and withdrew all the cash. Who was, indeed, responsible for disclosing the pin number of the priest?”

The source said further, “There is the need for the security operatives to look inward and ascertain who actually made the withdrawals from the murdered priest’s bank account shortly after he was killed.”

She said that the inbuilt camera in the ATM would likely capture the face of the person apparently without the individual knowing.

“It is not certain that the person or persons who made the quick withdrawal from Fr Offu’s bank account destroyed the camera before operating the ATM. So the police could exploit this angle and make sure they leave no stone unturned in their investigation,” she said.

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Offu was shot dead, while a commercial driver, Kenneth Igwe, who was said to have encountered the gunmen was abducted.

But Igwe’s decomposing body was later found in a bush by security agents on Monday.



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